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Hamsexy rides, hoopties and skee-lo wheels.

Skywarn lightning magnet

E-Dog from Grand Rapids, Michigan sent us these photos of a Skywarn truck from Grandville. Covered with Skywarn stickers and antennae, this truck meets all the criteria for Hamsexy. I think it’s funny that a truck obviously designed to search … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Buick

Continuing to clear up the backlog of messages, we now go to this 89 Buick LeSabre submitted by Scott KC8EMH. Cobra CB, Icom dual bander and what looks like a uniden scanner. Callsign plates and a magnetic sign…. Thoughts?

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Hamsexy off the Starboard Bow!

Ahoy! Hamsexy hits the high seas!! This beauty came into our inbox recently. Yes, this sure is a ham’s boat. It looks like, at some point, it was a fine vessel. But years of an unattentive and uninterested captain led … Continue reading

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2005 revisited….

2005 was certainly a good year in Hamsexy. Between now and the end of the year we will be revisiting some of our more memorable Hamsexy vehicles. First, the winner of the 2005 Hamsexy Hooptiethon, the Porcupine Cruiser! If you … Continue reading

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A Hamsexy coorespondant at the recent Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontairo (way north of Toronto in Canada) sent us this photo of some Rally hamsexyness. Our anonymous contributor writes: This hamsexy mobile is one of a kind! … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Motorcycle

Our friend from the Hamsexy Net KD7LVX submitted these photos of his very Hamsexy Motorcycle, the Hamsexy WhiteWing. A beautiful bike, he’s outfitted this late model Honda Goldwing with some pretty Hamsexy gear. He’s got a Delphi XM Satellite radio, … Continue reading

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Construction Light

We got this e-mail and great photo from Don KC8BQR: I figured this was one worthy of sending it to the crew there. The Cleveland HamFest and Computer Show (more like boat anchor show) was this past Sunday. I was … Continue reading

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It’s Vantastic!!!

A reader up in Canada sent us this today… I don’t know, I think he might be onto something here. “Here is Bill (ve3cru)’s new van. What an eye sore….” Click to enlarge

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