Hamsexy Buick

Continuing to clear up the backlog of messages, we now go to this 89 Buick LeSabre submitted by Scott KC8EMH.
Buick 1Buick 2

Cobra CB, Icom dual bander and what looks like a uniden scanner. Callsign plates and a magnetic sign…. Thoughts?

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9 Responses to Hamsexy Buick

  1. I keep seeing all of these “wacker mobiles.” I need to send a pic of the car I have my radios in. It’ll put all these cars to shame.

  2. KD8ATU says:

    Pretty bad, but I’ve seen much, much worse. By the way, the dual bander is a Yaesu 7800, not an Icom.

  3. KC8EMH says:

    You’re right – that’s my mistake about the radio (I’m KC8EMH – it’s my car in the photos) At the present time I have an Icom dual bander in the car, but this picture was taken while I had my Yaesu in there – good eye for radios! My Buick has over 277,000 miles on it – a miracle in itself – that means that my radio equipment has more dollar value than the car that carries it. HaHa – 73’s

  4. n5api says:

    For a vehicle that old, there’s no excuse for not drilling a couple of holes and getting rid of the mag mounts! 🙂 I remember those LeSabre beasts (my Uncle used to drive one, and as I recall his was even the same color.) If it were mine, I’d keep an eye out for one of the old transmission hump mounts, and stack all the radios on that. It might make the install a little cleaner. Congrats on the very high mileage, and you’re right, that is no small miracle for a GM vehicle of that vintage.

    73′ de John, N5API

  5. kc0uva says:

    Yeah, it wouldn’t be bad except that supersexy mag mount on the roof!

    Dig the FT-7800R (Yaesu, as already pointed out ;)), I’m getting one for my MX-6 LS here soon. Nice rigs, espescially if you don’t need/want the dual VFO’s.

    But yeah, the sexy mag mounts have to go. If you MUST go mag mount, there are lots of quite decent options (MFJ has a 3.5 and 5in “hi-flux” mount that are pretty decent – have one on my F150, going to get a small one for my MX6).

  6. KC8EMH says:

    I don’t get what everyone hates about mag-mounts. I’ve had a couple of trucks over the years that I drilled holes for antennas, and that worked fine, but I don’t think it worked any different from a magnet mount, certainly no better. Maybe it’s just the style that everyone dislikes? Huuuuuhhhhhh. 73’s

  7. Administrator says:

    I think people hate magmounts because it doesn’t show committment to the craft….. like magnetic backed political bumper stickers.. 🙂

  8. rushfan says:

    Where is the ashtray

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