Hamsexy Motorcycle

Our friend from the Hamsexy Net KD7LVX submitted these photos of his very Hamsexy Motorcycle, the Hamsexy WhiteWing.

A beautiful bike, he’s outfitted this late model Honda Goldwing with some pretty Hamsexy gear. He’s got a Delphi XM Satellite radio, a radar detector, a GPS and a Motorola MTX 9250 (The Las Vegas Superstation is a 900 MHz repeater, dontcha know)

Steven’s checked into the net a few times while mobile on the bike, the quality sounds so good I had to be reminded he was checking in while on the open highway.

While I would never think of doing anything Ham Radio related while on my motorcycle, Steve proves that it’s not only possible, it can sound good too!!

Picture 0070Picture 0073

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3 Responses to Hamsexy Motorcycle

  1. VA3XL says:

    I wonder if security is an issue when he parks in the hood.

  2. grinthock says:

    That’s awesome, same gear as my jeep! Garmin Quest and XM SkiFi2

  3. n3toy says:

    Nice bike! Looks just like my buddy Colon’s, only white. I bet you could pick up Bryan’s sister Karyn with that hot ride…

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