A Hamsexy coorespondant at the recent Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontairo (way north of Toronto in Canada) sent us this photo of some Rally hamsexyness.



Our anonymous contributor writes:

This hamsexy mobile is one of a kind! POS comes to mind, rusty junker
almost knackerd a few spectators more then once. The guy wasent
needed, but they let him run anyways, I guess they didnt want to hurt
his feelings? You only need two cars for opening/closing stages – the
other two vehicles where quality, unlike this hamsexy whacker.

Radio mounted to a small piece of plywood, sitting on back seat.
Light and siren, both of which are unnoticable, are direct to the
cigarette plug.

Plenty of bags, food and garbage to go around.

Take the time to notice the heavy rusting, the “Baby Quattro” sticker
on the rear, as well as the duct tape holding on the numbers. Ghey.

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4 Responses to RallySexy

  1. va3igd says:

    I think there should be a vote for the Hamsexiest Whacker Vehicle every year.
    This one is good, but, could it really compete with the other whacker vehicles around the Continent?
    It does not seem to have enough antennae and light packages to be a contender.
    It could be in the whacker rust class for hamsexiness.

  2. k2fix says:

    The origional poster is just wrong. Having worked with Rally New York, in Monticello, NY, he has taken a picture of car 000. For those of you in Nascar land, Rallying is motocross for cars, and 55 mph can be really fast….on a gravel road with trees on each side.

    Prior to clearing a stage for competition, a Rally will run it with car 000, car 00 and car 0. These three cars will clear the stage and declare it safe for competition, meaning no spectators or other vehicles.

    The competitors then have at it, with some of the most over modified cars you have ever seen.

    I’m a car nut too, not just a ham (multi-geek) so I found myself with a frontseat real competition ride with the price of admission using a ham radio. Hello ? Next I can lose weight by eating french fries !

    Car 0 runs a 7-8th’s competition speed, on a clear course; the ride is the sort of thing you normally pay for.

    Rallyists routinely rip up car, both in the shop and on trees, so they don’t look like anything…you can’t use a “normal” person’s eye. For those of us who know, the engines and suspensions rock.

    This car 000 was a beater which if it dies on the dirt, rutted, rocky and otherwise, can be left behind with no sadness. It’s disposable.

    Yup, having to clear 26 sections in car 0 at speed, using ham radio to coordinate the stages and competition, that was dull.

  3. k2fix says:

    On a second look, this car is perfect to rally. 4wd helps a lot on dirt roads at speed. The engine has a lot of aftermarket stuff, so figure at least 175 hp. It aint’ pretty, so rocks are funny. The light and siren are used while clearing the stage, and come off at the end of the day. Rallying rocks…it is a shame Nascar bought the Speed Channel.

  4. jamie says:

    At this peticular rally, as I understand it, there where already 0, 00 and 000 cars. There was some stink amungst, but redunandcy is never a bad idea at a rally!
    Nonetheless kudos to everyone who martials, times, clears stages etc at these events, without them, no racing fun.

    The car is whacker, no doubt, and worth a cheap laugh – the driver still gets my respect.

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