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Tales from the Dark Side


The story behind the infamous QRZ_EDITOR (otherwise known as Michael Jacobus N4DIA ,also called “Secret Squirrel” and “Psycho”) seems to have taken a strange, new twist. Those of you who read Hamsexy on a semi-regular basis know that we’ve been … Continue reading

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Congrats to Tom KC9ECI

Our many and amazing congratulations to our own Tom KC9ECI for winning QRZ IDOL 2006 – their first ever new-moderator elections. Tom won the popular vote, easily sliding past his other contenders. The management of QRZ are to be congratulated … Continue reading

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Good day all… This is my first post from the glorious Republic of China… The Portugese called it “Ilha Formosa” (The Beautiful Island)…. but it’s normally known as Taiwan…. It’s a beautiful 80 degrees here in January and I think … Continue reading

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More QRZ letters

JohnnyGalaga, a friend from Batlabs, posted a SINGLE LETTER on the thread on QRZ in support of Hamsexy, and has been banned. A single letter… Not offensive at all… I’ve seen it. Just for fun (and because he threatened us … Continue reading

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Don’t understand the rules on QRZ? Then you will be banned

More QRZ Comedic Gold. A pretty funny posting near the bottom. Glen K9STH, one of the moderators on QRZ, has been seemingly randomly deleting posts from this thread with zero explaination or justificaiton except for a vague “look at our … Continue reading

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Your Hamsexy Avatars have arrived!!

As some of you might know, a lot of the ham snobs in QRZ and other sites just LOVE to whip out their immense penises with the word EXTRA tattooed on then. We here at Hamsexy think it’s pretty sad… … Continue reading

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QRZ censorship=what?

This link once again shows that QRZ is more interested in removing all mentions to Hamsexy rather than maintaining readable threads. For some reason, one of the QRZ Mods (probably that QRZ_EDITOR guy who pretends he’s in the Navy or … Continue reading

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