Congrats to Tom KC9ECI

Our many and amazing congratulations to our own Tom KC9ECI for winning QRZ IDOL 2006 – their first ever new-moderator elections. Tom won the popular vote, easily sliding past his other contenders. The management of QRZ are to be congratulated – Tom’s a great guy with a very fair sense of management sense, and will make a fine addition. He was one of the original moderators we recruited when the Hamsexy Forums launched, and he’s done wonders keeping our goons in line.

Congrats Tom!

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4 Responses to Congrats to Tom KC9ECI

  1. alex says:

    Congrats! Maybe there is some hope for that forum after all!

  2. grinthock says:

    That was unexpected, most HAmSexier’s get banned frmo the “zed”

    So does this mean a turn of events?

  3. k2jsv says:

    YAY TOM!!

    Congrats dude… good luck.

  4. Teh_Bunneh says:

    I think I have 30 pieces of silver here somewhere…


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