Don’t understand the rules on QRZ? Then you will be banned

More QRZ Comedic Gold.

A pretty funny posting near the bottom. Glen K9STH, one of the moderators on QRZ, has been seemingly randomly deleting posts from this thread with zero explaination or justificaiton except for a vague “look at our terms of use” (personal attacks, huh. It seems that the only personal attacks that have been deleted were ones that seemed to go against the QRZ management and friends). Then, suddenly, K9STH breaks into another post and informs user K8TKK that his questioning of the applcation of the policy is grounds for banning.

Wow – I didn’t see “question the moderators” included in their terms of service as grounds of dismissal.The moderators, for their credit, are trying pretty hard to keep reigns on this thread – invoking their unwritten anti-Hamsexy policies without actually making it look like they are (citing “copyright infringement” and “harassment” as reasons to delete messages they really should not have).

I kinda like threads like this. One by one, people realize what kind of ulterior motives QRZ has in protecting their market share in advertising on Ham Radio sites (their words, not mine… their original justification for banning VE3HBD (in letters from QRZ management published on this site) was that the link to he had in his signature line was taking advertising dollars out of their pockets. (Hamsexy is an advertising-free site that’s not even a FRACTION as large, popular or valuable to the Ham Radio community as QRZ is) . If QRZ is that protective of their huge clot of annoying, flashing and animated ads forced on you on every page, so be it.

We also like how Glen K9STH insults K8TEK for being a law enforcement officer and being a fan of Hamsexy. That should prove insulting to every public safety officer that we hold as friends of Hamsexy (and there are a lot of them) – including firefighters and EMS Paramedics – all of which we consider heros and public workers, and we choose to judge based on their actions and deeds rather than the websites they choose to visit. Shame on you, Glen. Maybe you should quesiton the web surfing habits of the officer that responds the next time you call 911 if it’s that important to you)

People say that we’re dumb and stupid for our ‘whining’ about QRZ. Hah. Call us whiners all you like, we’re not going to turn down such grade-A comedic gold that the QRZ management continues to deliver us.


I’m guessing, once again, the normally level-headed Fred AA7BQ reigned in his sometimes out-of-control moderator team and ordered the removal of certain moderator comments from this thread (Remember the “Ham who denied military access to SATERN net” thread during Hurricane Katrina?). Most significantly, the comment where Glen K9STH insulted Tim K8TEK for being both a law enforcement officer and a fan of Hamsexy has mysterously vanished. If anyone’s got a screencap or something of the comment so we don’t end up looking like total idiots, please send it to us so we can preserve K9STH‘s disturbing comment as a reminder.

I want to echo Clyde’s earlier comments by saying that we love and appreciate all members of Hamsexy, many of whom include members of America’s law enforcement family, firefighters, Paramedics, all branches of the Armed Forces and everyone else on the front lines of world justice and liberty. Unlike others, we don’t judge your morals, character or dedication based on what websites you frequent. We here at Hamsexy think that a better option would have been to apologize and retract the comments, rather than deleting them and pretending they never existed. Groups like ARES and REACT rely on hams who are also in the emergency services to remind those who might not know better of their valuable place in emergency communications.

Tim K8TEK is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Ohio and is also a probationary fire fighter. He’s also a good friend to Hamsexy and exhibits the highest of moral character and integrity becoming of his chosen profession. We take offense to the generalizations made by the QRZ.Com moderation team of his character because he not only visits Hamsexy, he is also a moderator on our message forum. The QRZ moderation team’s comments insult not only Tim, but every public safety worker that calls Hamsexy home. How shameful.

We’ve also preserved a screencap of Tim’s own reply to the QRZ Moderation team’s allegations. We invite you to keep an eye on the thread to see if Tim’s message vanishes like the offending comment.

Keeping an eye

** UPDATE **

His reaward for challenging the rules, and for calling Glen K9STH out on his anti-law enforcement remarks is bannination. K8TEK has officially been banned from The wheel turns, and more people are educated about the true nature of QRZ’s management. They are not only anti-Ham, they are also anti-law enforcement is appears (at least Law Enforcement who visits or any other site they deem ‘Obscene”).

Oh, and certain bitchy twerp suck-ups apparantly gets to use foul langauge on QRZ and get away with it (along with his abuse of other members while others get away with it). The QRZ double standard arises again.

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21 Responses to Don’t understand the rules on QRZ? Then you will be banned

  1. WA3RDM says:

    Tim, We loooooooove you !

  2. Administrator says:

    I guess the personal attacks aren’t limited to calling Tim a disgrace for being a cop and reading Hamsexy.

  3. K8TEK says:

    Where did all this attention come from? I surely wasn’t looking for it.

  4. K8TEK says:

    Fred locked my bio and I am unable to edit it. I demanded he remove my personal information.

  5. Lenny says:

    I wonder if the hamsexy members posting on the QRZ thread realize they are starting to look like the same namecalling whining complainers that most people dislike about the Zed forums. Rise above it and quit baiting them. They will never let you win, even if you are right. Chill out and have a beer…I’m buying.


  6. VE3HBD says:

    Aw c’mon Lenny… it’s funny! Don’t make me sic Karl on ya…

  7. n9avy says:

    I seldom read QSZ. Think I’m still a member there, but after everything I’ve read here in the past year why would I want to go there and read that crap ?

    Perhaps the best way to get at QRZ is to stay off their site and not patronize their advertisers ?


  8. KB1JHU says:

    Just to point out the lack of consistency on QRZ, this thread has references to advertisers on another site. Isn’t that a big no-no on the Zed?

  9. KD8ATU says:

    Utterly despicable. Although I know that no one cares or even noticed, I finally decided to yank my pic and bio from the zed’s error-ridden DB. You never know, I might suddenly find myself banninated someday and thus be unable to maintain them…

  10. VE3SY says:

    “If anyone’s got a screencap or something of the comment so we don’t end up looking like total idiots, please send it to us so we can preserve K9STH’s disturbing comment as a reminder.”

    Not sure which thread is being referenced however if the QRZ threads are searchable by bots, check out the WayBack Machine at This site has archived the vast majority of the web since 1996.

    Paul VE3SY

  11. Administrator says:

    It’s so much fun shaking the hornet’s nest every so often.

    Special thanks to W0PEE for starting the fun…. There’s an extra cookie in your paycheque this week.

  12. freema22 says:

    What the hell is wrong with those guys? I am not a member on there, and after the crap that I have read here, I have no desire to be. I think what is happening is they are like the old school yard bully. They are too stupid to have a reasonable, intelligent debate about an issue, so to put it to bed, they sock you in the stomach (ban).

  13. va3igd says:

    I agree with freema22.
    I think the whole thing is stupid an injurious to all of amateur radio.
    Perhaps writing to their advertisers and complaining about how qrz treats their fellow amateurs would cause the advertiser to rethink if they want their advertising dollars to be spent on such a site.

  14. richard says:

    I for one will NEVER buy anything from Gigaparts, for the sole reason that they advertise there.

    And I think I spent 6-7K this year from HRO and Universal Radio on gear and accessories.

    Not small potatoes. Gigaparts will never get a dime from me (as well as any other of those obscene flashing advertisers) while they advertise on that bullshit site.

    I don’t think Fred is a bad guy (like I’ve said in the past), but he honestly needs to do something about his ‘team’… they act like a bunch of school yard bullies.

  15. Administrator says:

    A letter writing campaign might not be a bad idea……

    (wheels turning……turning…. turning…..)

  16. CGIWN2 says:

    More power to you guys…

    I removed my lenghty bio from QRZ AND eham …

    Seems that folks took upon attacking me more “personally” with the information posted.

    I no longer post on QRZ and very rarely on eham.

  17. K8TEK says:

    In response to the new thread started by Fred, I was banned before I demanded my information be removed. If I cannot edit it due to an “administrative lock” I think that would constitute bannation.

  18. JakeD says:

    freeman, administrator,(Isn’t that one of the major complaints I am
    reading? Admi, or Editor hiding behind that title?) CGIWN2, Lenny… I read
    the post over in QRZ a couple of days back, looked up the good deputies
    homepage link that was on his QRZ bio page and it opened with “GO FUCK
    YOURSELF”. Nice attitude for a Law Enforement Officer. I notice today it
    has been changed. I wonder why.

    Amazing too that you complain about the nameless postings there or heavy
    handedness by unseen forces. Seems the same thing is ringing true here. QRZ
    let that thread run until it was so childish, the owner stepped in. I have seen webpages of former members of Hamsexy who were banned from here. Man, they must have really gone overboard!

    I don’t have screen captures but the postings you called innocent included
    things like, “My foot up your ass” “Kiss my ass” and a few other threats
    thrown in.

    I just looked over this site for the 1st time and there are parts of it
    that are amusing, but I don’t see people bashing this site on QRZ the way
    the members here are bashing QRZ. In fact, I think you are doing QRZ a big
    favor by sending folks over there to look it over with you obsesive
    headlines – QRZ Files. (Hit counter is probably up)

    I am also confused by some of the accusations here about the administrators
    on QRZ. I read the Hamsexy thread before it was removed and before some
    post were deleted. QRZ staff members, clearly identifying themselves,
    posted their reasons. What I read above is not what was in print on QRZ.
    Seems there has been some editing on this side of the coin.

    I am sure my post here will either disappear or be replied to with the same
    idiotic comments by the people who posted before me.

    The most inane comments on the QRZ site in that thread were by people who
    went there trolling. Seems the regular membership repied in a polite
    manner. The trolls were easy to spot. Fake call signs, “handles” and the fact
    that they joined the same day they posted. The evidence points to trolls.
    Well, they accomplished what they set out to do, be banned and have the
    thread shut down.

    BTW, as for my handle, I am not a Ham, am am an avid SWL who wonders if
    becoming a Ham will turn me into what I am reaading.

    As for “Tim” saying he was banned, there was a reply to this subect on QRZ. Seems his Bio page was locked because of the link to a page that opened with an Obscenity. I saw his site and yes, QRZ Moderators were correct. Funny that when I go to “Tim’s” homepage now, it has been removed. I respect all law enforcement but when one of them clearly tries to bully a PRIVATE website,one that he has a link to pofanities, with “I am a deputy and deserve respect” I personally have lost respect of the person but not the badge he is wearing. I wonder what his dept would say if they had the complete post, email and screen capture of his homepage?

    Just my opinion.

    PS – KD8ATU – Funny, your Bio on QRZ is still there and so is your picture,
    email and web link. What are you? 19, 20?

    As far as I can tell, members on both sites need to grow up and get over

  19. K8TEK says:


    My name is Tim, so you can stop putting quotes around my name.

    Secondly, as my good friend Gerald Ziemba has said, I was banned when I was denied access to change my biography.

    As for the picture that you are discribing, yes! It did say go fuck yourself. It changes every couple of days. Fortunantly for you, you seen it on a bad day.

    “Tim” O thy E. Kramer

  20. Joshua says:

    QRZ lost me when they defended HRD after all the crap that hit and the “superior” being that owns QRZ deleted any posts he felt like to make his advertiser (HRD) look better.
    What a joke.

  21. Joshua says:

    OK I just have to come right out and say it – F*&K QRZ Management. He is a pathetic small weeny tool that thinks his opinion outweighs the multitude of users on “his” system.
    He just simply deletes posts he doesn’t like and archives entire threads that are anti QRZ or anti QRZ advertisers. wow, I knew it was a censored forum, but what I saw after the HRD fiasco was just plain criminal in any other venue, but we are talking the web and he has the right “legally” to skew it in his (advertisers) favor however he wishes.
    I guess if he got caught butt F%$#ing a 3 legged cow it could just be deleted because it is considered “ok” because he doesn’t want you, the subscriber to know about it. Welcome to the internet.

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