QRZ censorship=what?

This link once again shows that QRZ is more interested in removing all mentions to Hamsexy rather than maintaining readable threads.

For some reason, one of the QRZ Mods (probably that QRZ_EDITOR guy who pretends he’s in the Navy or something) thought it would be best to delete the very first message in this thread for God knows what reason. What was once an interesting thread is now a meaningless three pages of incoherant responses to a message that no longer exists.

The original message, for those who missed it, was a message by an apparantly disgrunted submitter to Hamsexy, who felt that the title one of our admins (Bryan VE3HBD) gave to his submission made fun of him. The issue was dealt with in private e-mail according to Bryan, and the person who submitted the original message has published a public retraction.

Why the original message was deleted without being edited or amended to – I have no idea. I guess it’s another example of the Sledgehammer Flyswatter approach to moderation that QRZ is so proud of.

Bryan would love a chance to get in there and defend himself, but he’s still banned from QRZ for what I am sure many in that thread will soon find themselves – mentioning Hamsexy in a public forum (in VE3HBD’s case, including the Hamsexy URL in his signature).

And the ball keeps rolling… Happy New Year everyone, by the way!

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5 Responses to QRZ censorship=what?

  1. WA3RDM says:

    I think hamsexy should offer “@hamsexy.com” e-mail addresses. Then we could get kicked off of the zed quicker !


    Bob “Goober” WA3RDM/VE3 WANNABEE
    [email protected]

    Wouldn’t it be sweet ?

  2. K8TEK says:

    This has been brought up about 6,000 times. It isn’t going to happen.

  3. KC9ECI says:

    I don’t think a QRZ mod deleted the post. I think the original poster deleted it. Zed isn’t like the hamsexy forums, you can delete or modify your own post after it’s initial posting.

  4. kc2kit says:

    Oh great…. just what I need, ANOTHER e-mail. Seth?! Bryan?1 I’m game!! lol

  5. wd5kca says:

    Another top posting got deleted in the thread about the rude breakers.

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