Amateur Radio Police Interceptor Car

I found this in a google search, Notice how its a “amatuer radio police interceptor car”

Is this for pursuit of donuts or sammiches?

His callsign is KB0KBJ

Edit: Video was removed. new link added 1/24/2014

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Here’s an example how to make enemies:

Here’s an example how to make enemies: Don’t post this shit in our comments! we are not an advertising venue for your business! Feel free to let them know how you feel about unsolicited advertising on their facebook page that they thoughtfully provided! Also nice address, A PO Box and a Whackermobile? Good job NOT!

We sell and install lights here is Muskegon County. Free install with any lighting purchase!

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Dayton 2013 Pictures Part 1

Hara Arena’s awesome maintenance!

No wonder they had the Great Shit Volcano of 2011!!!!!


Antenna Goo Galore!


Antenna Goo 2


Actual Girls at Dayton Hamvention!


Whisky Lovers Amateur Radio Club


Ham gets pulled over by a golf cart!


The Whackermobile!!  I bet it comes complete with a ton of

REACT/ARES/RACES stickers to go with all that amber bling!


More to come!

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Dayton 2013

For those of you going to Dayton 2013 please send in those hilarious lulzy pictures & stories that you always do. Please note the email address for submissions for pictures is Hamsexy Submissions (click me). Or use the New Submission link in the sidebar
We can host pictures in our own gallery if you do not have hosting available.

Oh on another more serious note check out this nifty new bathroom policy at Dayton Hamvention:
Here’s hoping that makes sure there isn’t a giant shit volcano in the middle of the flea market (click here for those that havent seen it)
Oh and folks dont forget to be prepared to dodge the new 2013 hamabouts!

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Recently Heard On The Hamsexy Forums

Some of the topics that have been currently discussed on the forums:

Hamsexy Part 97 Frequency Coordinator

Survival Podcast and Some Nut Talking Amateur Radio

A Discussion on What Happened When an Individual Decided to Link to a Members Ebay Pic for His Own Ebay Listing

And a Wonderful Finding by One of Our Members of The Hells Guardians Skywarn group. (More coming on this in its own article).

So come on over to the forums and put in your two cents on any or all of these, or just stop by to say hi.

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Yes, hams shop at Wal-Mart….

And once again, a ham makes the pages of People of Walmart.


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ARES sexy

Anonymous writes:

“N5TMZ Brazoria County Texas REACT – ARES – SKYWARN – ‘and whatever else is happening member’ Stickers Keep It Together, When The $hit Gets Real!!!”


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Anybody still read this site? 🙂

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