Dayton 2013 Pictures Part 1

Hara Arena’s awesome maintenance!

No wonder they had the Great Shit Volcano of 2011!!!!!


Antenna Goo Galore!


Antenna Goo 2


Actual Girls at Dayton Hamvention!


Whisky Lovers Amateur Radio Club


Ham gets pulled over by a golf cart!


The Whackermobile!!  I bet it comes complete with a ton of

REACT/ARES/RACES stickers to go with all that amber bling!


More to come!

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6 Responses to Dayton 2013 Pictures Part 1

  1. helmethair says:

    keep ’em coming, please…

  2. Steve says:

    Love it!!! 🙂

  3. rtucker says:

    I realize there’s two kinds of escort services out there, but I’m not certain which sort Gates Escort Service is, based on the whackermobile photo.

    Please advise.

    • keeper of hamsexy awesomeness says:

      I think theyre more of the “getting in the way of important things” type of escorts sadly, judging by their ride they dont have any fine ladies 🙁

  4. Baz says:

    More, more!!!
    Why would a gate need an escort? Is it only farm gates or do they escort front gates as well?
    You should have a donate button so you can go to Dayton and provide us followers with live tweetys!

  5. jp says:

    LOL. OVersize load.

    no kidding.

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