Hamsexy’s Waste of Flesh Award ™

Friend of the site and all-round good guy KC9ECI let us know about this disgrace to amateur radio – it’s people like this loser that ham radio (especially HF modes) are dying a slow death.

Unfortunately we don’t have a callsign for this waste of bandwidth as they are too chickenshit to reveal it. All we know is that their e-mail address (or supposed e-mail address) is [email protected]. Feel free to e-mail them and let them know that they are a class-A moron, and should probably turn in their license at the nearest FCC field office.

Take it away, ECI:

Thought I’d share this with you all.

I was working a Mexican station on 15M today, and my logging program will automaticly spot any DX to the cluster. Shortly after the spot, Gordon, N6WK posted to the cluster looking for me and I replied back with a freq.

Not too long after, I get he following forwarded to me from Gordon:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: DXSpotter is not your private mailbox
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 11:37:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Jane Spangler
To: n6wk@n6wk.com
Hey, don’t you and kc9eci have email you could use
instead of a global dx spotting network like the one
your messages turn up on? See how easy it was for me
to find your ad. Now tell kc9eci how to do it and you
have your own little private way of talking without
the whole world reading your CRAP!
have a nice day

What a worthless shit. Out of millions of posts to the cluster in a year, this assclown not only whines about two spots, but does so from behind a skirt.

I replied:

If the station doesn’t have a callsign, the station doesn’t have a valid opinion and can go piss up a rope.

And I got back:

I would have expected better from a man with a brain
but then again, in your case, you gave us what we
expected. Now take your head out of your ass and go
piss up your own rope. You’re dismissed and any
further mail into this box will be considered
unsolicited and will be dealt with via the appropriate
Now pass that along to your buddy.

14.275 called, one of it’s retards is missing.-

This is todays’s litter box treat in my email, sent by none other than George Orwell (I thought he was dead) from nobody@mixmaster.it

Please read this cc sent also to your isp at galesvillefiredepartment.org
Attached you will find a series of emails which I specifically requested this user NOT to send to me. Apparently, he thinks he is above the law and does not understand the gravity of sending unsolicited mail, particularly when that request has been made to NOT SEND ANY MORE MAIL.
It also appears he is illegally using the galesvillefiredepartment.org address/domain to do so. He is a very bad example of a fire fighter but even less of a law “abbider.” I am sure this is not the intnet of your dot.org domain and should be made aware.orwarded Message [ Download File ] X-Apparently-To: [email protected] via; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:32:27 -0800

We will update this saga as it continues.

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6 Responses to Hamsexy’s Waste of Flesh Award ™

  1. VE3HBD says:

    Kinda reminiscent of that other blowhard KC9KOW, eh?

  2. kc0jar says:

    I can’t believe you’re illegaly using the galesvillefiredepartment.org domain… tisk tisk…….

    What a douchebag.

  3. CGIWN2 says:

    People say the stupidest things on the Internet that they would never tell you in person in the parking lot. If he is a “man” he should have his “Man-handle” revoked.

  4. n6wk says:

    This guy is a dirt Bag.
    Reminds me too much of K3VR and his band of misfits.

  5. n6wk says:

    It might also be the act of the Wacko Canadian.
    He also might do nasty things like this. They both play a nasty game and will throw even their friends under the bus if they think it will promote their cause. I know this First hand !!

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