This is how we roll…

I have a great love for the Portugese. Their women are beautiful, they decorate their tow trucks with airbrushings of their mothers, and they celebrate soccer wins as if the earth was just spared Armageddon.

Julio Lopez, CT1GIM
Hamsexual of the Year – Portugal Field Office
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6 Responses to This is how we roll…

  1. FFparameic571 says:

    that looks like my mexican landscaper

  2. CGIWN2 says:

    What is that thing on the cross-bar??? Shouldnt it be facing the other way so he can tweek the knobs & flip the switches???

  3. detectorout says:

    That’s just there to provide a counterbalance to the ham sitting on the back.

  4. K4NNW says:

    What that man needs is a Toro 450D so he’ll have enough power to run the radio and enough metal to mount a 102″ whip on the hood AND cut a 10-foot-wide swath of grass to fairway height at the same time.

  5. joe king says:

    This looks like the prototype of the new “Emergency Command Center” currently on the drawing boards for the Toronto Ares Group.

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