Whacker Report: KD7NQB

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  1. exkalibur says:

    I’m curious what his “weekend hobbies” are that make him look like a LEO. Maybe he’s only a whacker on the weekends. Sure, the law allows anyone to make a citizen’s arrest if the situation requires it, but to carry around cuffs “just in case”? WTF. It’s like those who insist on having their radio TX capable on the local police channel “just in case”.

  2. VE3HBD says:

    Weekend wannabe? I dunno, is there a Whacker Reserves?

  3. n3jfw says:

    damn, maybe he has my crack pipe

  4. k2thz says:

    From the thread over at thehighroad.org:

    You got it backwards. The HAMs had those types of radios way before the first cops had them and are responsible for inventing virtually all of the technology needed to make these devices work correctly. It’s the cops who copied the HAMs and the technology they invented.

    Most non-HAMs have no idea how innovative the HAM community has been over the years. For example, do you know who invented the ethernet protocols that we all use to connect to the internet? Hint is was originally called packet radio and was used for decades by HAMs before the internet even existed. One of the reasons that the FCC gives HAMs so much access to radio band width is because of the amount of technological innovation that has come from that community over the last 100 years.

    Um…actually, Ethernet was developed at Xerox PARC, and TCP/IP was developed at DARPA in the ’70s.

    Somebody’s been spending a few too many late nights reading ham pr0n…

  5. webdoc says:

    reminds me of the part time whacker/wannabe from my old home town. He was a “reserve officer” or so he says.

    I happen to know the police chief from the one town he applied to.

    He told me he took this guy out to the range to try some target shooting. Told him if he could hit the targets he was hired. He then proceeded to hand him a pistol loaded with blanks. He had heard about this lewsers whacktacular lifestyle.

    I later was told he bought himself a mountain bike to be a bicycle cop. I about crapped myself lauging so hard. See you have to understand this lewser is wider than he is tall.


  6. Kramer says:

    I’d like to hide in the bush when that dirty mexican looking freak rides by and bitch slap him off his bike.
    Then I’d break his knee caps.

  7. K8TEK says:

    the above comment was not made by me…

  8. rabidjade says:

    I think you guys are jumping the gun here. The handcuffs hurt no one and he could very possibly need to use them in the future. Numerous people wear black BDU pants everyday. When they are cheaper than most jeans, why not? I own a few black t-shirts so I’m a wannabe if I wear them? I guess it’s time for a wardrobe change. The lapel mic on his radio is for when he is on his bicycle. I would rather speak into a shoulder mic than try to grab my brick as I’m going down a 1,000ft descending trail. But non-wannabe status over safety, right? As far as the folding knife is, who doesn’t carry one now days? The concealed weapon is another story. It is common for bicyclist to carry some type of weapon with them anymore due to the whackos out there. If he is legally carrying a firearm, who are we to judge? I like the numerous references to his race. Would it be any different if he was white, black, asian. Why does his race have to do with anything?

    This guy is minding his own business and not breaking a single law. His past and possible future actions could help the community.

  9. VE3HBD says:

    No one implied that it was, Tim.

    The user “Kramer” has been a member of this site for a while, and has made a few comments.

    Don’t be so paranoid. The character on Seinfeld isn’t you either.

    PS – why are you still reading this site? You keep posting messages on other forums about how much you hate Hamsexy. If I hated Hamsexy as much as you say you do, I sure as hell wouldn’t be visiting, much less contributing to it.

  10. w8juz says:

    wow, he does have a point there!

  11. n3jfw says:

    Does anyone else find rabidjade’s defense of this guy a little creepy? It’s interesting that rabidjade defends this guy, but has a rabid obsession against anyone else. Kinda makes the spidey senses tingle.

  12. AgentSkelly says:

    I live in the area of this guy…I’ll keep an ear out for him on the local repeaters 😛

  13. ku4my says:

    rabidjade……. dude!?!?! ummmm, your call wouldn’t happen to be KD7NQB, would it?

  14. vk2qq says:

    I swear, you people have more whackers per square mile than anyone else. The cuffs alone would be illegal here. He obviously has a cop complex, otherwise carrying tyraps would be sufficient for a citizens arrest. Shit, who doesn’t carry a knife these days? Well I for one, don’t. No-one I know does either, except perhaps Mick Dundee. Now THAT was a knife.

    And as for the gun, well, once he has it, he will be just itching to prove it’s worth. I’d hate to be near him when he, the untrained git that he is, decides the situation needs his input.


  15. vk2qq says:

    By the way, reading back up the list, only ONE reference was made to his race.

    You are quite right Rabidjade, it makes no difference. He’s a Whacker regardless of race or nationality.

  16. zerobeat says:

    If you guys have never been to the Portland metro area, then you don’t know how wrong black clothing is. It’s overcast all the time, and it’s nonstop rain from like September through May. If you wear black clothing, you are going to get hit. The only people who wear that color in Portland are cops and criminals. If you want to live, you wear bright colors…particularly at night when it’s wet.

    The dude is frightening, has a real power trip going on. His blog says he’s going to become a lawyer. He’s going to have to change his public image before THAT will happen – the bar examiners DO pay attention to your public image and his is inappropriate for a lawyer.

  17. va3igd says:

    Perhaps he could emigrate to Toronto, Canada and join Toronto’s branch of ARES.
    he seems like a real good fit for the Toronto ARES Enforcement and Jamming Team.
    I am sure he would be most welcome nad would be given free reign in our Emergency Operations Center, where he could play super cop on the amateur bands at the taxpayer’s expense.
    I hear they serve coffee and donuts during blackouts, I hope he would enjoy the hospitality of the people of Toronto and Ontario.
    It would certainly help the law enforcement people of his current locale to be rid of him.

  18. AA0CX says:

    Ham radio doesn’t need these wannabees; BTW good luck at getting into law school, assuming he does well enough on the LSAT.

  19. exkalibur says:

    I doubt luck has anything to do with it. Have you SEEN the kind of people they’re hiring these days? I don’t know about elsewhere, but up here in Toronto, almost every rookie is a complete f*ckup. They can’t direct traffic, don’t have good communications skills, certainly can’t drive worth a damn…TPS must be getting really despirate to let some of these absolutely stupid people on board.

    That said, the majority of people on the force do a great job, it’s just as of lately, the new recruits seem to be really lacking in the IQ department.

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