It’s the “Get your ass to Dayton” Hamsexy Net.

The Following people checked in to the net:

K3BM – Bob (Net Control)
VE6PWT – Robert
KD8CPP – Tyler
W8JUZ – Laura
KE4NOY – MATT ( our Warp-Radio connection)
KC8TCQ – Keith
KC0RBC – Hambone
N5API – John
KB3AWQ – John

The topic was why you aren’t going to Hamvention and the best answer goes to Robert, VE6PWT who is reshingling a roof at his cabin.

The WORST answer goes to my protege, John KB3AWQ who is driving a carload of WACKERS to the Pennsylvania Fire Expo . Again I say, WACKER WACKER WACKER.

To you who can’t come, sorry, hope to see you there soon, and those who are…


Oh yeah, there was an emergency alert during the net, click here to hear it !

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7 Responses to It’s the “Get your ass to Dayton” Hamsexy Net.

  1. k2jsv says:

    I have arrived… a new record of 8 hours of 24 minutes. Bob call me later. I have stuff for you.

  2. ka8ypy says:

    I am here as well…Arrived at 1515 local time….

  3. KD8CPP says:

    I will be there around 2100 Local Friday, would skip school, but we have damn standardized tests.

  4. ZedCP says:

    ETA 1400 Local Thursday. Haze Grey and underway…

  5. K4NNW says:

    I should be there around 1900-2000 local on Thursday, along with a few other deranged Hokie hams.

  6. Respond Wayne says:

    I’m actually just down the road in Florence, KY for the night… I’m heading back to Ontario with a couple of our wrecked rental cars… This Ham Fest thingy is all the buzz on the ‘ol C.B. Radio in my Flatbed Tow Truck!

    Do your best not to run into me while adjusting your radios, I’ll be passing through Dayton around 8:00 a.m. Thursday… I’m driving the White Avis / Budget Flatbed hauling a couple wrecked vehicles.

  7. webdoc says:

    I’m still bummed I can’t make it….. I was going to pick up a switching power supply for my 706, I have the antenna, the tuner, all I need is the power supply, heck I even had a whole pocket full of cash to spend grrrrrrrrrrrr.

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