Hamsexy Net 5-30-2007

The last net for the month of May. . .and it was a good ‘un! Urns high praise, as they like to say. No topic, just a general check-in net.

KE4NOY – Matt – TN (Net Control)
KD8CPP – Tyler – WV (I feel forgotten)
VE6PWT – Robert – Calgary
W1WTF (former WB4ZCP) – Steve
K1HPD – Alan – NH
N4BSA – Chris – FL
KE5LYY – Scott
KB3NUV – ???
KC0RBC – Hambone – MN
N5ZUA – Steve – TX
W0JFC – Martin – MN
N0BVE – Don – MN

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  1. TxShooter says:


    Thanks for taking charge last night and running the net. It was appreciated by all. Now if we can just get this IRLP link into the repeater working correctly. Having way too much white noise last night making it difficult to hear everyone. I am sure it was on our side of things.

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