NEAR-Fest Review

Hosstraders is no more. Welcome to NEAR-Fest. Mr. Mike has done an excellent job of putting together a successful fester at Deerfield, NH in short time. NEAR-Fest totally rocked for the following reasons:

– There was more of a community feel. There were fewer commercial vendors there. You got a sense that people were there for community as well as commerce.

– Much less computer junk. Hosstraders was overrun by computer stuff. I got there at noon on the 4th and there were tables with a very good selection of ham gear. /\/\ HT’s and mobiles, HF rigs, parts and pieces, AM boat anchors. But only four vendors dedicated to computer stuff.

– WA1HLR (beeellch!) was the MC at the door prize drawing.

– Attendance was waaay up. There was a buzz of excitement about this fester.

– Deerfield is a better location and is closer to home.

– NEAR-Fest was much noticeably less hamsexy than Hosstraders. I only counted two wackermobiles and much less BO than the former fester.
Now for the pics!

Free Stuff!
There’s a reason why this pile of shit is free.

Honor System

Dont worry, OM, nobody is going to take your shit.

Whacker lights

zOMFG, Whacker lights!11!!11!

Keep off grass!

Sponsored by The Parnership for a Drug-Free America.

Enigma Machines

This display is an enigma.

Segway is the only way to roll

Segway: The only way to roll at NEAR-Fest. Werd.


Front view of wackermobile

Gaggleof antennae on wackermobile

Got antennas?

Interior View of Whackermobile

Interior view of wackermobile

State Police Badge

I’m reading a +20 on the wacker meter here.

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3 Responses to NEAR-Fest Review

  1. MisterMike says:

    I am joined by K1TWF, N1IWV, W2INR, WA1HLR, VE2BIA and the countless and dedicated volunteers in thanking you who attended for who making NEAR-Fest I such a smash success.

    Full details may be perused at:

    We are still amazed at what was accomplished in six short weeks. I only wonder what we can do with five months until the next ‘Fester.

    Please visit the NEAR-Fest Web site for information on NEAR-Fest II that will be convened on Friday October 12th 2007. Feel free to post your suggestions and comments so we can make NEAR-Fest even better.



  2. VE3HBD says:

    I bet 90% of the people at that Hamfest knew someone personally who died trying to get one of those Enigma machines for the allies….

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