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W0AJA is at it again !!!

Well I was hoping to pin the original post that has gotten his tit in the wringer again, but the site that hosted it with respect to PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) has pulled his information and slapped his wrist. … Continue reading

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“Sticking a phallus shaped object in someones ear is one thing, but putting an icom logo on them has just gone to far!”- Stinger

Day 2 complete… You might ask “why is her bra on the outside ?” We sure did ! (W2WTF photo)

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“Seth, I would love it if u peed all over my cables.” – Adrian

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The insanity continues…

I received the following press release in my mailbox today, about 10 seconds before deleting my account on their website. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Michael Jacobus, N4DIA (once known as “Secret Squirrel”) has been recruited to be a moderator for Ham … Continue reading

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Bzzzzzzzzzzt again !

You may remember this beauty from the fall. Lance Manload had nothing with his Lady Electricty. But oblongataman and Polar Rescue provided this little beauty. Apparently these guys wanna die, and still felt it necessary to go out with a … Continue reading

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The July 25th Hamsexy Net is History.

Net Check-ins for July 25. K3BM Bob – Net Control VE6PWT Robert VA3SGI Steve KA4VFD Matt KE5DKU Thomas VA3NFL Al W2ZXN Andy PY2UDT Rafael See you all next week, set your alarm clocks and show up !

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It’s the “Get your ass to Dayton” Hamsexy Net.

The Following people checked in to the net: K3BM – Bob (Net Control) VE6PWT – Robert KD8CPP – Tyler W8JUZ – Laura KE4NOY – MATT ( our Warp-Radio connection) KC8TCQ – Keith KC0RBC – Hambone N5API – John KB3AWQ – … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Hamsexy Net . . .

The Hamsexy Net was held, and hosted by K3BM with the following demented people stopping in to say hi. N8FQ – Joe KE4NOY – Matt from WARP-RADIO.COM KD4YYF – John KD8CPP – Tyler KI4SVM – Patrick KI4SKN – Tim VE6PWT … Continue reading

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