Inside the Porcupine!!

pork4.jpgThanks to ICEMAN (John KC0VGR) we have interior photos of the fabled RED PORCUPINE! If you’ve been reading this site for a few years you’ll know the Porcupine quite well. It’s graced the pages of Hamsexy quite a few times during it’s appearance at quite a few Hamfests around the southern US (as well as Dayton), making the Porcupine somewhat of a celebrity. Finally, thanks to KC0VGR, we have photos of the interior of this beast!! John encountered the owner of the Porcupine installing a siren at a Hamfest in Ashland, Missouri. He struck up a conversation and actually got permission to take these photos! Apparantly, all of the antennae on the car are indeed connnected to a radio – and after seeing these photos, you’ll believe him. Thanks John!! (click on the images to see them in full size)




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18 Responses to Inside the Porcupine!!

  1. zerobeat says:

    What holds the radios in the car? Glue?

    Did we find out if he ever gets on the air? There’s a porcupine-esque car in my area – half a dozen antennas with a radio connected to each one. It’s all “in case it’s needed”. The driver NEVER turns them on, instead listening to the broadcast radio…classic rock. Closest he comes to actually doing ham radio is when WB6ACU is playing on the stereo.

  2. vk2qq says:

    Good Grief. If he is ever involved in an accident, he’ll be crushed by radios. If the car rolls (which it can’t because the extra batteries on the floor, holding it down) he’ll suffer major head injuries from flying steel boxes. What a wanker.

  3. k2thz says:

    Everything is held in by the Taco Bell cup in the passenger side footwell. Gotta be some kind of keystone without which all that gear would come crashing down.

    I wonder how many clutches he’s gone through rushing to all those ARES activations?

  4. k2thz says:

    Wait a minute. Installing a siren?!?! Is he out of his damn mind? And doing so in the parking lot of a hamfest, at that! (Oh, wait – “installing” is a relative term here. Let’s hope the duct tape holding the siren speaker doesn’t come loose, causing it to drop into his radiator fan!)

  5. K3BM says:

    My car’s alternator started having sympathy pains…
    Why all the radios when one (or 2 I suppose) IC-706’s would do the trick ?

  6. k6mfw says:

    I believe this vehicle is designated least likely to be a chick magnet.

  7. kc7yra says:

    Words cannot describe the PAIN that I feel in the pit of my groin when I see that vehicle.

  8. k8mhz says:

    I smell something burning…

  9. SixMeterSexy says:

    Hey, there’s no room for anyone who wants to ride with him to sit shotgun!

    Oh, wait… that’s probably not ever been a problem, has it?


  10. VE3HBD says:


    I doubt a wife or girlfriend exists who is going to want to take a seat in his car…

  11. grem467 says:

    what are you talking about.. HES GOT A 706 IN THAT MESS!

    simply amazing

  12. k8mhz says:

    How about a contest?

    Let’s see who can be the first to not just count, but identify all the radios, scanners and receivers in this fluster cuck.

  13. n9xcr says:

    One of my co-workers went to Radio Expo this weekend and told me about a car with 44 antennas. I asked him if the car was red, and the answer was yes. I showed him these pics and asked him if it was the car. It certainly was the same car he saw, only it has more antennas now than it does in these pictures! Well, that and he apparently has a yellow light attached to the SIDE of the car now as well.

    There is such a thing as obscessive, but this guy is WAY beyond that. I would say this guy is way beyond whacker status.


  14. k8mhz says:

    Just think how cool the inside must look at night.

    Too bad there is no room for a laptop. Of either variety.

  15. Steve says:

    Years ago in South Jersey,we had a ham who had an old Ford Escort that had that many antennas. I hear that only one radio worked. I was told the local police department finally told him to keep the car oft the road because some of the antennas were not securely mounted. His call was wb2uvb, name was Gene Bond.

  16. Curt says:

    I remember the porcupine car. I got a chance to talk with him in a parking lot in Dayton a couple years ago, and found him to be a regular nice guy.

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