Three weeks without an update…..

Hey guys (i’d say gals.. but who are we kidding?) – After reading last night’s Hamsexy Net update, I realized that Hamsexy has been without a real update for three weeks…. THREE WEEKS!!

It really can’t be helped… these are the dog days of summer (for real), and the entire ham radio community is outside, away from their radios, stretching their legs, playing sports and spending lots of time outside browning their skin and getting in shape. With all of that activity going on, we just don’t have the time to bring you the weird, wild and wonderful side of Ham Radio that you are so accustomed to (occasionally) seeing on this site.

Seriously, though – we can’t update the site if we don’t get submissions! While Hamsexy staffers are always out searching for new items to post to the site (when we aren’t out running Triathalons), our number one source of material is you.

We rely on your submissions to keep this site running!! We never have, or never will ask you for money – just content!

We accept and gratefully enjoy the following submissions:

  • Hamfest reports
  • Hamfest photos
  • Strange/interesting/wacktastic photos and stories
  • Opinions/views/news on Ham Radio
  • Anything else our readers might find of interest

There are lots of hamfests during the summer – those are always Hamsexual gold. So, bring your camera along to your local hamfest and take some photos!

Send any and all submissions to and we’ll try to get them on the site!

We are especially interested in editorials/opinions – we will print any an all viewpoints on this site (even if you hate us).

This site is made by hams, for hams – so let’s see what’s going on out there!!

I hope you’re all having a great summer – keep it hamsexy!!

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5 Responses to Three weeks without an update…..

  1. k6mfw says:

    I sent some photos of a cheerleader and another girl in a tight outfit with sexy thigh high boots, both posing with my Bendix King EPU. Don’t tell me you lost them.

  2. va3igd says:

    Perhap you could do an article about Toronto Ares, you know the guys that ate donuts and drank coffee at the Emergency Operations Center during the Northeast Blackout 2 years ago, likely at taxpayer expense, or how they only do parades, walkathons and food events, looking for free meals, with their gmrs radios.
    Certainly not an “emergency” service, more like a amateur operator self important service to make them appear better than thou, because they have “emergency” in the name.
    Remember, they have no special rights on the amateur radio service.
    They just act that way. LOL

  3. VE3HBD says:

    You’ve been going on and on and on about Toronto ARES for years, IGD – and I have yet to see any article submissions from you.

    If you want to see an article on Toronto ARES, write one! No one is going to write it for you.

  4. n3jfw says:

    oh btw-we get several hundred spam messages daily

    If I missed yours, please send it again.

  5. k6mfw says:

    I sent (a third time) my article that includes photos of the girls modeling the BK EPU. It is titled, “ARES/RACES event and Bendix King handheld” (maybe your spam filter deletes messages with titles including sexy, girls, rolex,…)

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