ALERT!! Hamsexy ALERT!!

The National Hamsexy Station has issued an alert for all of Hamsexy. All agents for hamsexy are now on alert in compliance with National Hamsexy Alert Level 1.

Special Thanx for Bob, K3BM for the alert to all of our Hamsexy Brethren. Please listen to the alert HERE

This alert has been brought to you by the National Hamsexy Skyporn Alert Station.

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15 Responses to ALERT!! Hamsexy ALERT!!

  1. Teh_Bunneh says:

    Sweet! Ahm activating da bunkah!

  2. KD8ATU says:

    This is Kentucky-Delaware-Eight-Armenia-Tasmania-Uruguay, spotter number 66691337, mob-iyle and requesting assignment, over!

  3. k8mhz says:

    I am very upset that we were not notified. Any warnings or alerts are matters that should have been brought to our attention.

    You will hear from one of our field office agents about this malfeasance.

    Mark Derby K8MHZ
    Royal Chief Commander at Arms
    Amateur Radio Law Enforcement Service (ARLES)

    (ARLES is a response team making persiflage the use of amateur radio for the FBI’s InfraGard effort without the nasty requirement of physical training.)

  4. n5ksk says:

    I’m just going to hunker down with spare batteries and a flashlight and pray for the immediate return of Jesus.

  5. Lenny says:

    That is the best.. You guys are killing me.

    If I have a heart attack and croak due to laughter, I have instructed the YL to sue someone, I don’t know who, just someone.

    If you happen to have “deep pockets”, dish out your call, and she can sue you.



    Ha ha


  6. k2jsv says:

    K3BM is responsible for the sound files. I just posted them. For deep pockets look at VE3HBD…

  7. kitn1mcc says:


  8. w4coj says:

    Oh sh*t, I better stock up on the Beer

  9. ve3nsv says:

    How can you think of beer at a time like this?

  10. va3igd says:

    Does this mean I should head to my nearest Skyporn shelter?

  11. cyclops111670 says:

    Check me in and out, please.

  12. k6mfw says:

    Should I deploy these race chicks for reinforcements?

    Would this alert qualify me to receive a Skyporn service ribbon for my Radio Army uniform?

  13. SixMeterSexy says:

    Oh, gosh…

    And me without my JUMP KIT!


  14. uje5ek says:

    Reminds me of Ron White’s “Put on the damn helmet” day.

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