August 9th net

Hamsexy netWell, I was going to do the net tonight but my piece of excrement laptop and/or internet connection screwed up at the last moment, so Matt KE4NOY took over. You can all be thankful for that. Quoth he:

  1. WB4ZCP  –  Steve – Fleetwood NC
  2. KD8ATU  – Joe
  3. K4WTF – John
  4. K3BM – Bob
  5. KU4MY – Tom
  6. VA7BCR – Dan
  7. KG4BMK – Stephen
  8. VE6PWT –
  9. N4TZH – Don
  10. KB1EFZ
  11. VA3BU – Dave
  12. K1HPD – Al

So there you have it. Tune in again next week when we… um… do another net.

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