Whacker shoots at cops


 As posted by Steve KC5SAS on the Hamsexy Forums, famous REACT whacker and past feature on this site Col. Paul Broussard is in a little bit of trouble, accused of firing upon police officers outside of his house. This is BREAKING NEWS, and we will try to update this story as more details are made available. Previously, the good Colonel has graced these pages in reference to the uber-whackeristic REACT team he founded, to the embarassment of local Hams and REACTors in Louisiana. According to our information, he has a history of casual impersonation while carrying weapons.

We also present…

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Anyhow, here’s what KC5SAS posted on the forums:

Almost most everyone here is familiar with South Louisiana’s major nutjob, Colonel Paul Broussard. He is famous here for having chartered a REACT Team and having some of the most Whackertific vehicles ever presented on the pages of Hamsexy.

Now he’s in jail after surrendering this evening following a shootout and stand off with police. At http://www.klfy.com/Global/story.asp?S=6472531 you can find a video of the report showing the Colonel being arrested and a reporter discussing how well known the Colonel is to local cops because of his political views and driving vehicles with police lights and equiptment on them. From the news site:

Standoff in Scott Ends After Suspect Turns Self In
May 4, 2007 06:06 PM CDT

Shootout Ends in ScottA standoff in Scott ended just before 6:00pm Friday after a man accused of shooting a Scott Police Officer turned himself in.In an exclusive phone call with TV 10 Col. Paul Broussard says he fired at the law enforcement officers outside his home.It happened at the Landall Estates between Abassador Caffery and Mills St. on Willow. Police are still on the scene of the standoff in Scott right now.Stay tuned to TV 10 for more information on this developing story.This guy was a major embarassement to a group of hams who tried to form a legit Radio club through REACT. There were complaints to the REACT Board requesting that his charter be pulled but he was allowed to continue to Whack under the REACT title. Today’s news has already been passed on to the lawyers for REACT International. I’m sure they will not be happy to watch the video at that link.   


Stay tuned for more details.      

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3 Responses to Whacker shoots at cops

  1. wmw1490 says:

    Following this story I think I’ll reverse my opinion on the morse code requirement for any/all radio license. People hearing voices/snakes in their head would never be able to pass. The whackers would never spend any money except on lights, so buying a keyer would not fit into their big picture. Might be a way to filter out some of the nutjobs. A word to all–any whacker with light bars, sirens, wig-wags, strobes, etc is one high powered rifle away from a SWAT event. If you’re one doing it stop now, seek the help you need to join us back in the real world.

  2. n3jfw says:

    I wonder if he has ptsd.

  3. n0loh says:

    In case any body is thinking of making a TV Movie-of-the-week about this, it’s been done! Here a sample of the script:

    Bugs Bunny: [substituting for Sam’s hat, Bugs bangs on a door and speaks in a muffled voice] Alright, Sam, we know you’re in there. Open up. This is the sheriff.
    Yosemite Sam: Oh, no ya don’t! I ain’t a-givin’ up without a struggle! Come and get me!
    [Fires his guns at the door]
    Bugs Bunny: Ah ha ha ha! Ya missed me, Sam. I’m a-comin’ to get you through the window!
    [Sam fires his guns at the window]
    Bugs Bunny: Ah ha ha ha! That’s mighty bad shootin’, Sam. Look, I’m right behind ya!
    [Sam fires his gun wildly]
    Bugs Bunny: No, Sam, here I am. No, here, here! No no, here.
    [This goes on for a while until Bugs ends it by pouring a bottle of red ink on Sam’s head. Sam believes he has been shot]
    Yosemite Sam: The varmint got me. I’m a-headin’… for the last… round-up.
    [collapses, goes into a seizure frenzy and stiffens. Bugs barges in with a guitar]
    Bugs Bunny: [singing] Oh, bury me not/On the lone prairie, Where the wild coyotes/Will howl on me
    [while this is happening, Sam is revived by the ink dripping onto his face, and grills Bugs]
    Yosemite Sam: [very calmly] Why did you pour ink on my head?
    Bugs Bunny: Heh heh. Well, so long.
    [runs off]

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