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Calling all Hamsexuals! Field Day this weekend!

Ladies and Germs, don’t forget this weekend is the holiest of ham holy days, Field Day. So get out there and take lots of pics for the site! Feel free to send them to me at [email protected] and I’ll get … Continue reading

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As seen this weekend at a hamfest: If this isn’t classic hamsexy, I don’t know what is! Just look at that glare.

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Ham Clown of the Month!

While surfing the intarweb the past few days, looking for interesting content for Hamsexy, I came upon an interesting thread over on eHam. It seems a hammy named Bill, otherwise known as N6AYJ, has a beef with some operators on … Continue reading

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Mighty Fine Junk… what the Pros use!

So I was flipping through a popular ham radio manufacturer’s catalog this morning, and came across this gem: I don’t know about you, but if I see some hamhump walking around in an airport with a headset on, he ain’t … Continue reading

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Underwear Sexy!

On a lighter note, a friend of Hamsexy, James (G7GIJ), sent this one in through the Hamsexy Mailbag: Hi, What an awesome web site is I found it from a link in a usenet posting. Warning the attached photo … Continue reading

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Two Meters N’ Trailers!

This one comes in from friend of Hamsexy, Jake. “Look close! Is that a 2 meter beam i see?? This is a hams qth i know but wont submit.” It just goes to show that ham radio can be enjoyed … Continue reading

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