Whackin’ it up in Queens

While walking to the subway tonight, I stumbled upon this gem.

I’ve seen this whacker around before, but I’ve never been able to catch a photo… until now.

Check out the rainbow “KEEP CLEAR 200 FT” on the rear of this Exploder, in colorful stick-on letters. Of course, there’s a full compliment of magmounts and emergency lights.

I think perhaps the best part about this sighting is that he used his emergency siren (or horn in this case), to go around traffic and run a red light (making a right on a red in NYC is very illegal).

Make sure you click on the 3rd picture to see him in the act. Tsk tsk.

I guess the driver was in a rush after stopping in at the Money Mart to cash a check (which is what he was doing).




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6 Responses to Whackin’ it up in Queens

  1. va3igd says:

    A fine example of whackerism at it’s best.
    I know a Toronto ARES member with a Ford Exploder like that, lights, antennae, etc..
    So far he only gets drunk, goes on the air, acts beligerent and threatening with me, while using another Toronto ARES members’s station.
    hmmmm. Ya think a restraining order would do the trick?
    I hope he doesn’t keep his guns and other weapons in the vehicle with him.
    He seems to want to cause harm rather than save the world with his HT.
    Don’t know if he uses Money Mart or runs the red lights.
    Do ya think this one is armed in NYC as well?
    There should be a law against whackers in Canadia and the U.S.A..

  2. freema22 says:

    This dork is part of RISAR, the Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue team. It’s another of the “no one asked us to volunteer, but we will create a group to feel important” type organizations. Check out their high quality website at http://www.risar10044.com/.

  3. richard says:

    Beautiful. That website is the perfect example of a Whacker site… terrible design, lots of flashing crap, unfinished pages, poor layout.

    That site would look awesome… if it were still 1998.

  4. k2thz says:

    Wow – they must have a copy of every possible legitimate public service patch on that web site. But note, though, that this whack-job doesn’t pick from their extensive selection of ripped-off patches for the HUGE sticker on his back window.

  5. KG4RRN says:

    If that is a NY Plate I see on the truck, he can get pulled over, and the scanner/ham radio in the truck confiscated, unless he has ham callsign license plates, in additon to the wacker light being taken off.
    Here in Northern VA. I saw a really funny plumbing truck in a Parking Lot of a high rise near me. It said “Wacker Plumbing” but no antenna or light bar. Hehe… I had to say that.Would you like a picture ?, the artistry is great on it…
    I still remember that the safety inspector years ago, told my Dad, his vision was obscured, from the back window of his 68 chevy p/u truck, because he had a 1 inch wide by 6 inch long G.W.U. window sticker on the back window-this example goes way beyond that…and only fire department vehicles, with state FD tags, here in VA., can only display the stay back 200′ message.
    Someone please call the men in white suits on this guy !

  6. richard says:

    KG4RRN: The vehicle has VAS plates…. so I think he’s allowed the lights… the signage, I’m not sure.

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