Underwear Sexy!

On a lighter note, a friend of Hamsexy, James (G7GIJ), sent this one in through the Hamsexy Mailbag:


What an awesome web site is hamsexy.com. I found it from a link in a usenet posting.
Warning the attached photo contains hamsexy underwear. With the hamsexy emergency field kit a person could have a pretty good nite out in Dayton!
This photo was taken at the last Longleat radio rally (Hamfest) at the world famous safari zoo in the UK this was the best photo. Radio amateurs were banned from the Longleat Estate because some pikey stole two drums of cable from a building site.

James g7gij

Thanks, James! Nothing says “Go” kit more than a 3 pack of colored briefs! For the most discriminating hammie who can’t get up from the CW key when the need to drop a deuce arrives.

Underwear Sexy!

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  1. Lenny says:

    One would not want to be caught at the strip club wearing the “Tighty Whities”

    Colored breifs are essential for the Go Kit.

    We must maintain some kind of decorum.

    ha ha

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