Mighty Fine Junk… what the Pros use!

So I was flipping through a popular ham radio manufacturer’s catalog this morning, and came across this gem:

Headset Sexy!

I don’t know about you, but if I see some hamhump walking around in an airport with a headset on, he ain’t lookin’ too professional.

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  1. WA3RDM says:

    I think the conversation about your recent prostate operation would overcome any perception of “professionalism”….

    Now if they would develop one for the 706 that doesn’t cost the price of a 2M rig, then they would have something

  2. kc0uva says:

    Oh man, those effing headsets. They look so, so, so stupid.

    I saw something I liked here, though. Kid took a set of iPod headphones and a yaesu mic adapter cable. Plugged the iPod phones into it, then plugged a little clip-on mic to his collar. Couldn’t even see the mic, and just looked like he was listening to an ipod.

    I guess that won’t suffice for hamsexuals, however. Maybe if we add a ARES sticker?

  3. opskmallory says:

    A headset wouldn’t be so bad, if it looked more like a cell phone headset. When are manufacturers going to realize that not all hams want to look like retards. Jabra or Plantronics need to come up w/ a hamsexy headset. Nowadays, most already have a built-in PTT. Shouldn’t be too tough.

  4. Administrator says:

    Come on… half of the hamsexy appeal is to let the whole world around you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about!

    Let your geek flag fly man!

  5. Lenny says:

    If they try to extend the “no cell phone” rule, like they have in Chicago, to ham radio, hands free ham radio might become a reality. Like a Bluetooth headset for your mobile rig.

    I like it. Stealthy headset on vox. Well, vox may not be a good thing during drive time, too many swear words may come out.

    Some kind of remote PTT switch would be good.

    That would be cool.

    People need to write in to the manufacturers and tell them what kind of features they would like to see in the future.

    It would be ignored, but at least you tried.


  6. mrcpu says:

    I found an adaptor type box at Radio Shack that let me plug my cellular headset into my vx-7r using the Y-cable that came with it. Unfortunately it was somewhat cumbersome, especially with the stupid swivel belt clip.

  7. X says:

    Ham manufacturers are ham manufacturers for a reason: They are out of touch with the real communications industry. You can’t convince them that they’re building garbage.

    Aside from hamsexual accessories, I find it quite “heatscore” to walk around anywhere in public talking on an ASTRO Saber or XTS 3000 without getting the stares or double-glances. People think because you have a radio that you’re either:

    a) a cop;
    b) up to no good.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of haxoring up a speaker-mic so that I have a “handheld control head” that looks like a cell phone.. That is to gut out an old Nokia or something, and route the RX audio to the cell-phone earpiece, and use the mic too. Use one of the buttons on the side of the phone as the PTT. Just a matter of haxoring, and installing a few pots to get your levels right. Then run a small cable down your sleeve to your radio or something. Bluetooth would be really sweet.

    The “average joe” is a complete idiot. They don’t realize that a cell-phone (a real one) is a 2-way radio as well. Even today, people stare at you like a 2-way is straight out of star-trek or something. “Wow, that’s high tech!”. Total assclowns.

    While we’re on the topic of discussing low-profile accessories.. It’s also a good idea to leave all “rigs” at home, and install the infastructure there too.. Use low-power, low-profile equipment from your car. i.e. use an HT to talk to your IRLP-equipped base, instead of packing a TS450SAT in your car with a 30ft CB antenna hanging off the bumper with ground planes strapped to your fenders. like wtf

  8. k6mfw says:

    >Even today, people stare at you like a 2-way is straight
    >out of star-trek or something. “Wow, that’s high tech!”.

    from what I’ve seen when you have a 2-way the size of a Saber, they will say, “Wow! That’s a big cell phone!”

    There are three ways to do it:
    1. Put a 2-way into a cellphone housing so they think you are another rude idiot constantly on the phone.
    2. Use a very discreet mic and earpiece so they think you are just talking to yourself.
    3. Use the 2-way in its natural form, now that’s hamsexy!

    Think of the possibilities if you can combine all three. What a rush!


  9. ve7ltd says:

    I am one of the only hams I know that has the hamsexy-ness to use my HT (a commercial Kenwood TK-370G, about on par with a Saber) on public transit.

    The ones that I like the best are the “new generation” of deaf adolescents that listen to iPods… They listen to them so loud, and when they come within about 10 feet of me with my 5 watt handheld on 440, they get a nice loud squeal in their ears. One guy actually told me that I screwed up his iPod, and wanted me to pay for it. I directed him to the reset procedure, and now he sits on the other side of the SeaBus (the harbour bus in Vancouver, BC Canada).

    On this note, it is also fun to find the idiots that dont use good shielded wire when running 1000 watts of power to their subwoofers while I have a friendly chat on the local repeater (at 60 watts).

    APRS plus theft detection systems used in stores is always fun. Took me a while to figure out why the store alarm went off every 3 minutes…. Or the time I parked outside a “discount” electronics store, with APRS blasting at 50 watts, and smoked 5 sets of amplified speakers on display, just a window away from my antenna…

    Mighty Fine Junk.

    Dave Cameron – VE7LTD

    I also like to take the

  10. The IVT says:

    A bluetooth wireless thing for HTs would be pretty badass.

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