Two Meters N’ Trailers!

This one comes in from friend of Hamsexy, Jake.

“Look close! Is that a 2 meter beam i see?? This is a hams qth i know but wont submit.”

It just goes to show that ham radio can be enjoyed by people of all types; no matter what their QTH may be.

But dude, at least mow the lawn and clean up the busted up BBQ parts! That’s good money in scrap metal… enough to buy a few gallons of paint to slap a coat on that rusty roof.


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9 Responses to Two Meters N’ Trailers!

  1. ve3nsv says:

    Trailer Park Sexy indeed !!!! CQ Randy, CQ Randy, get over here quick, I’ve got Ricky red handed.

  2. K8TEK says:

    Frig off Mr. Lahey


  3. Administrator says:

    Nothing says “Neck that is red” more than a ground-mounted satellite dish.

  4. n5api says:

    As they say in my neck of the woods — Yee Haw! I agree, loose the BBQ parts, and paint the roof. 🙂

  5. WA3RDM says:

    I am road tripping this week with my cam. I am sure if this isnt the same trailer I am thinking about it’s a clone !

  6. w4coj says:

    That aint Sh*t, I gots a trailer and a 100ft tower in the yard, come on bak

  7. X says:

    Lahey, I’ll sell you my double-wide for a pound of peps and some bacon grease. And Cory, Trevor, go stand over in the corner with your arms up in the air until I say you can put it down.

    For f$%#s sakes…

  8. VA3XL says:

    The driveway needs to be paved with hash.
    And where are the shopping carts?

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