As seen this weekend at a hamfest:
If this isn’t classic hamsexy, I don’t know what is!

Just look at that glare.

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7 Responses to Buttsexy!

  1. The IVT says:

    Heh, what about the hobo belt?

  2. alex says:

    So, all I missed by not going was some crack?

  3. richard says:

    Well, I did get a NIB IC-V8000 for $80. It wasn’t too big, but the turnout was good.

  4. va3igd says:

    I hope he is not presenting for the “Mother of all Handies”.

  5. Lenny says:


    At least, that is what I have heard.

    Good Pix.


  6. VE3HBD says:

    Bahaha… He uses a rope as a belt?!?!? Who is he, Moe Syzlak??

  7. Lenny says:

    And if you dare to look at the enlarged picture, it almost looks as if this man has “soiled himself”.

    But that didn’t stop him from looking for the “deal of the day”

    Do you se what I think I see?


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