Why people hate us….

It’s an interesting question, one that has a variety of answers as colourful and different as those who hate us.

Soon after this site signed on many years ago, a small but vocal group of people formed who decided we were the worst thing to happen to amateur radio, the internet, and perhaps even civilization (alright, I may be going a little too far with this.)

We’ve had our share of feuds over the years, some admittedly started by us, but others by people who, for some reason or another, have a chip on their collective shoulders for us. Is it self righteous hatred? Are there legitimate beefs? Are people, dare we say it…. jealous for some reason? It’s an interesting question, one I’d like to get some insight on.

Our famous feud with QRZ.com was, as some might say it, the touchstone of our short life. Certain moderators on QRZ decided a policy of extermination in regards to Hamsexy was the correct course, and as a result many people (myself included) found themselves summarily banned from the popular QRZ forums, for the crime of mentioning or even being associated with Hamsexy. Fred AA7BQ, the owner of QRZ, gracefully stepped in and nipped the nonsense in the bud, and several of us had our life sentences commuted. One of the founding members and moderator of the Hamsexy Forums even wound up being appointed to the administration staff on QRZ, where he continues to do an excellent job. Our David & Goliath relationship with QRZ (with them being the giant and us the speck of a peasant) continues to thrive – some moderators continue to take pot-shots at us (The KD5OWO fiasco still causes some of us to collectively chuckle), but things are still pretty good between us. Fred and his team have an unenviable task of keeping order amongst the best and very worst internet representatives of Ham Radio, and they should be congratulated.

RadioReference, the grand-daddy of all scanner sites, is another website of which we have good relations. Lindsay Blanton, founder of TrunkedRadio.net which eventually evolved into RadioReference.com) is a long time friend of this site, being a member of the Hamsexy Forums for quite some time. Even thought the RR forums continue to be an endless source of amusingly sad posts representing the very worst stereotypes of “scanner folk”, the forums and database are an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the hobby. While some moderators on RR exhibit very ghoulish properties and continue to spout vicious anti-hamsexy sentiments in both public and private forums (not mentioning any loumagg names), we continue to value our relationship with Lindsay and RadioReference.

Aside from official website relations, we continue to get our share of unaffiliated people who don’t like us. The fruits of these individuals relationships range from some rather amusing e-mails to some rather scary real world encounters – and of course everyone and their uncle threatening us with groundless lawsuits and ‘lawyer consultations’ (people who have truly been to a lawyer would know the difference between Slander and Libel, but of course these idiots never do.)

So… love us or hate us, we’ve been around for a while, and we’ll continue to be here… poking fun at ourselves more than anyone, and continuing to both entertain and piss off all those who happen to grace us with their presence. If you love us, let us know in the comments section. Likewise, if you hate us, please let us know too. Anonymous submissions are always welcome, because most of our haters aren’t brave enough to let us know who they are, and we’ll take ’em as we can get ’em 🙂

To our friends, we give a hearty handshake and wish you thanks for all your support. To those who hate us, I think an equally hearty “fuck off” suffices.

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28 Responses to Why people hate us….

  1. KB3JUV says:

    Keep up the good work guys. This website is always a chuckle to see some of the crazy crap that these people come up with. Good times…


  2. doownek says:

    Ok, In the spirit of the hamsexy smart ass, I have two words for this article…

    spell check

  3. Hamsexy Management says:

    Aw c’mon man….. 5 typos out of a hastily written 700 word article isn’t that bad…!!

  4. kc2jns says:

    awww… I love you guys

  5. W2SRH says:

    You folks rock.

    Maybe people take potshots at you because you hit a little ‘close to home’. I know there’s been many a function or event I’ve attended where the stereotypes are spot on (and even my wife, KC2NSY, has been known to refer to someone or something as “Hamsexy”!) The thing about stereotypes is that they tend to be based on facts and factual observation, like it or not. And some of us live up to them more than others.

    Keep up the good work, don’t let the bastards get you down, and all that rot :>

  6. car2back says:

    Word! keep up the sexiness

  7. car2back says:

    Also, I see the RR secret police have already laid the smack down in the thread about this……


  8. dorpmuller says:

    Hamsexy rocks!! As one who went to hamfests for years, and being a recovering wacker, you guys are dead on. Keep up the hamsexualness!

  9. chicagoradiospy says:

    The RR Gestapo just put a bullet in that thread.

  10. VE3HBD says:

    That thing on RR was pretty funny 🙂

  11. JohnnyGalaga says:

    I’ve always liked hamsexy because you guys tell it like it is. There’s no politically correct SHIT on here. And the photos have kept me laughing for hours.

    I don’t like that loumag guy at all. He closes too many threads all the time. But I am curious, what has he been saying about hamsexy? Is there a link to posts of his that we can see?

  12. Hamsexy Management says:

    Most of Loumagg’s posts have been private posts people have forwarded us, especially lately… It’s up to the person who received them to post them, not me unfortunatley.

    Besides, comments here and there have slipped out, mainly when locking threads or when that Landon Jenson doofus sparks another flurry of bullshit.

  13. n0xmz says:

    Hamsexy is the only ham radio related internet forum I frequent. I used to go on QRZ.com and eham.net but I got tired of the NEVERENDING flame throwing and bickering over issues like (dare I utter the words?) morse code testing. eham is still good for finding technical help when I’m stumped but other that that, I don’t have much use for it anymore.

    I would also say that Hamsexy is one of the best moderated forums I’ve been to. The mods don’t put up with childish flaming and other BS that give other forums a bad name.

  14. JohnnyGalaga says:

    Ahhh, hence my “Moderators’ Secret Forum” thread I started over there. So you’ve got an inside source leak. Nice!

  15. n9avy1 says:

    Always enjoy reading through forums. Lotsa funny shite, but sometimes attempts at humor fall short or are lost because of inside jokes. Always felt that any publication that doesn’t have its detractors isn’t doing its job !

  16. JohnnyGalaga says:

    Yeah, that’s true. There’s a lot of inside jokes on here that leave me wondering like WTF are they talinabout.

  17. K4NNW says:

    Judging from what I’ve read on here, the main reason why folks are so quick to criticize this site is that it often shows the people with whom others do not like to associate (the whackers and such). It’s a reminder that this is not a perfect world and there are bad apples in the barrel of ham radio, as well as in scanning, public safety, and so forth. It also serves as a reality check for folks who start to display some of the symptoms of the folks who grace this page. A reality check such as that will remove many a soul from their comfort zone. It eliminates the distancing that they do when they think “I’m not like that due to this reason, that reason, and the other reason.” As JohnnyGalaga observed, political correctness has no place here (not that it should ever have a place ANYwhere) and that allows the crap to fly farther and faster than elsewhere. Like many folks on here, I got fed up with the eham and QRZ mud-slinging festivals. I’d just rather get along than gripe, grumble and complain about such, however, quite a few folks (mostly of the curmudgeonly sort) feel the compulsion to argue with someone, usually due to the curmudgeon wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment due to an argument won, or the sense of bitterness over an argument lost. These folks feel like they need an ax to grind constantly.
    That being said, I’m glad this site exists to remind us that neither we nor our hobby are perfect, and that there’s always A) room for improvement and B) folks to make fun of (or possibly help out).
    Keep up the hamsexiness,
    Kenny Lewis, Jr. (no, not the one who’s on the VT football team)
    Certified Nutcase (aka psychology alumnus)

  18. JohnnyGalaga says:


    But what about YOU?

  19. motorola_otaku says:

    That Clyde McPhail guy is a douchebag personified. The rest of you guys are a’ight though. ;p

  20. n9avy1 says:

    Why is it that every time I read about whackers here at Hamsexy, I have an uncontrolable urge to add several antennas and lightbars to my van ? Is there a 12-step program for this ?

  21. smokeybehr says:

    In every profession and hobby, there are both serious and light sides, kind of the yin/yang thing. QRZ, RR and the BatBoard are the serious side of things, and HamSexy and the BatLounge are the light side. If it wasn;t for the lighter side of things, where we could make fun of those idiots who take themselves WAY too seriously, then we’d probably all just go insane.

  22. RADIO says:

    hey guys i love this site it has brought hours of laughter, thanks

  23. K4NNW says:

    What about me? I LOVE this site.

  24. zerobeat says:

    While I think you guys lampoon some things that really need it, I think you’re also a bit full of yourself. There’ve been times that you’ve pushed the boundaries of trying to make ham radio so much like commercial two-way that I wonder why you bother with ham radio…if you want to do commercial two-way, then do commercial two-way.

    Anyway…half shirt guy was great, the cute Asian chick in the blue bikini was great…being able to draw out an asshole from Hamvention committee was great…

    In the grand scheme of things, you guys offer some chuckles, but have moved neither mountain, nor changed anybody’s opinion of anything. The Onion, you’re not. You’re a bunch of kids having fun, and that’s all good.

  25. KC2FTN says:


  26. PD0REL says:

    love this site man..
    brought lots of epic lulz to me, and to us when I mentioned this site sometimes on the local repeater.

  27. k6mfw says:

    I say to hams on ARES/RACES missions, stay neat, clean, and don’t intefere with the real officials. Or you will be profiled on hamsexy.com!

  28. Ben says:

    I was treated very poorly at Radioreference.com. When they split into broadcastify I didn’t agree with one of their policy changes. If I wanted to hear archives of the 3 feeds I was providing to them I’d have to pay for a membership. I expressed that I didn’t think it made sense for Lindsay to profit off of my 3 feeds that cost him noting and then ask me to pay a membership. If you run the numbers, it’s quite a good profit too. I was quickly banned from the forum. Let me be clear. I didn’t curse, call names, make things up or try to start an arguments. I clearly and calmly posted my objections. Needless to say I quickly turned off the radios going to the feeds. It took them over a month to realize that I was just feeding them silence. Only one of the three feeds has been re-hosted by another person in the area. They lost what could have been a good addition to their site and two counties that they can no longer broadcast. In the future this will all go down quick. Everything is going encrypted and there won’t be much more to stream.

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