Scanner folk….

scanner.jpgI often scoff at the rather superior stance that Hams seem to think they have in the radio community – especially against CB-types and Scanner folk. I’ve been a ham for pushing 30 years now, and I’ve seen my share of absolute cretin hams. Hams seem to think that, because they must pass a test, they are somehow superior humans. Trust me, that isn’t always the case! There are cretins in all levels of society…. just because someone went to school long enough to become a doctor or a lawyer doesn’t mean they can’t be despicable human beings. But I digress…..

Scanner folk usually get a bad rap…. all one has to do is to read scanner-themed websites to see why. I own scanners and constantly listen to my state and county police. It’s good shit. But man, sometimes things happen that make you go “whoooshit”.

Rescue161 on the Hamsexy Forums brought this to light. Someone on RadioReference (normally a great site… Lindsay Blanton is a good friend of Hamsexy and visits us often) started a thread about good looking girls in uniform. It all went well, with the usual images of hot chicks nicely filling out uniforms. Then user hotdjdave (actually a ham, callsign K9DJW) totally kills the thread by posting an image of a little girl in some sort of park ranger uniform, and adds the really creepy line: “beauty has no age limit.”

What shocked all of us was the totally blasé attitude people had towards his comment. Not only did many people on the thread call Rescue161 out on it (including some e-mailing him privately about it), a board moderator actually went through the thread and summarily deleted messages asking K9DJW to explain himself!! What kind of a message does *that* send about scanner people? Posting an image of a little girl in a hot chicks in uniform thread, and tossing out a creepy message like “beauty has no age limit”….? And then RadioReference staff deleting messages that might have painted the original poster in a bad light? No warnings, no edited messages… just erasing them from the face of the earth.

I don’t mean to go against my own ethos here, but scanner folk creep me the fuck OUT!

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  1. KD8CPP says:

    Not all of them. If owning a scanner, due to my real public safety job, not ham emcomms, a motorola saber, and three ham radios can classify me as a scanner listener, along with a few others I know, they ALL don’t freek me out, but there are a few. But then again there are quite a few hams that freek me the FUCK out!

  2. VE3HBD says:

    AS someone who had a message deleted in that thread, I must agree – what’s going on at RR?

  3. timjude says:

    I don’t think the guy meant any harm,While it may have been posted in the wrong thread may be the only mistake,I dont think name calling is the right thing to do,He is not the pervert it’s the ones looking at it the wrong way and jumping the gun..They my friend are the pervert’s dirty minded freak’s,Beauty does come in all ages,does that mean i am a pervert?I think not so stop all the pissing and moaning over a innocent picture,yes maybe it was not appropriate thread to post it on but i am not going to bash the guy and call him names.As i don’t know him and i am sure that many others do not.Go find something better to do with your time..Like maybe piss on an electric fence..

  4. KD4HWE says:

    Photo of little girl + Typical pedophile apologist line = ???

  5. ku4my says:

    He does seem to have that cheerful Charlie Manson sparkle in his eye doesn’t he? I’m sure we will hear more about this bag of shit.

  6. RESCUE161 says:

    Looks like they are back on track talking about “hot” women. I don’t understand why they (the moderator team) can’t see the forest for the trees. First 11 pages had hot women all over them, then hotdjdave (K9DJW) posts a picture of a VERY young girl, then it goes back to hot women again. Dave (hotdjdave on posts some crap about how “beauty has no age limit”, but had himself posted pictures of hot women in uniform, even stating who his favorite was (Heather Locklear). It looks even worse now for Dave. I just can’t understand why the moderator sided with him and made the decision to keep the photos on the thread. I was told the thread in question had nothing to do with “hot women”, but I tend to disagree when I see comments like this:

    “Ok I wil give you the Raven haired one is hot, But think how more hot she would.. Be in a Dress, Heels etc.” – PolarBear25

    “IDF military girls are hott!” – phil_smith

    Both of these quotes were after the young girls picture was posted. There are several more before her picture was posted, but I think you guys get the point.


  7. wmw1490 says:

    The whackers don’t need a scanner, they can go to sites like (scroll down to see sister sites in the area) and listen to scanner via Internet streaming media feeds. These people invest a lot of their time, technology and $$$ to establish the feeds. For good or bad, it’s here, and any on the air should be aware of the Internet based eavesdropper.

  8. richard says:

    I don’t care how he “justifies” it… it’s just creepy. Period.

  9. blantonl says:

    I agree, it was creepy. I’ve removed the post and contacted hotdjdave (K9DJW) about it.

    Thanks folks, and sorry for the terrible reputation that this potentially gives all of us, and

    Lindsay Blanton

  10. VE3HBD says:

    As always, a class act.

    Thanks Lindsay!

  11. richard says:

    Lindsay proves yet again why is one of the best radio related sites on the entire internet.

    I’d call you a class act, but Bryan beat me to it.

    Thanks for everything you continue to do for scanner folk and two-way radio buffs alike.

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