Hamsexy net 11-29-2006

Hamsexy netWell, Goober K3BM was supposed to do the net tonight, but he didn’t show up, so I filled in.

The theme for this week’s net was snow, ice, salt and sunspots. We got 2 checkins, after which I closed the net. 3 minutes later a few more people showed up, whose comments I accepted despite the net having ended 3 minutes prior.

N8FQ Joe Grand Haven, MI (net control)
KE4NOY Matt Murfreesboro, TN
VE6PWT Robert Calgary, AB
KC0WFC Justin Bismark, ND
N3LKA Brian

This post once contained a jab at K3BM, but apparently it was not taken in the light-hearted manner in which it was intended. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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5 Responses to Hamsexy net 11-29-2006

  1. K8TEK says:

    Get a life Joe… Some of us have lives and are unable to put our lives on hold to do net control for a net with 3 check-ins… Just in case you don’t know, Bob is a volunteer firefighter (among other people involved in the net). Perhaps he was out saving lives while you sit there in your parents house flaming him behind your keyboard. Shame on you, Joe!

  2. w8juz says:

    he does have a point there

  3. K3BM says:

    I dont appreciate being threatened.

    I apologize to the group for not being there,
    and I wont risk missing another net again.

    Please remove me from the Net Control list.

  4. K8TEK says:

    Some of our lives do not revolve around the radio!

  5. VE3HBD says:

    I have closed the comments on this thread for the time being, until it can be dealt with.

    more news later

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