Something tells me it’s been years, if ever, that this ham’s been anywhere near a sportsfield.

Taken at the 2011 Orlando Hamcation, sub’ed by Alex.

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10 Responses to Jerseysexy….

  1. W9JAB says:

    WoW, snappy outfit,bet he get all the “chicks” at ham fest

  2. Paulverizer says:

    It seems that displaying your age along with your call is now in fashion.

  3. n0loh says:

    Yo! Dude! You left your Diet Coke on my table!

  4. Curmudg says:

    No sense of fashion, but the guy IS showing off some calf muscles. Unless you’re a regular on the track, you guys taking pot shots would probably lose if he challenged you to a half Marathon.

  5. Superham Sam says:

    You guys shouldn’t pick on handi-hams! Clearly the poor dude was born without a butt or arms.

  6. Chavez says:

    Why is there a diet coke in the lower right hand part of the photo!! Thats not in a hams diet!

  7. admin says:

    Of course it is! The only people i ever see drinking diet coke is fat people

  8. 5 WPM general says:

    Most hams deplore physical activity because it might make them somewhat attrative to women!!! And we know how a lot of hams feel about women!!! Most can find a sunspot but most are clueless on how to find a G spot!

  9. Hamlette says:

    “Most can find a sunspot but most are clueless on how to find a G spot! ”

    To find something, you must first be aware that it exists.

  10. ham tard says:

    And most hams have no clue about women in general.

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