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Who’s got the coolest callsign?

Alright, here’s a little contest that should be interesting… Who’s got the coolest, most unique, interesting and/or humorous callsign? Is it you? Are you the Fonzie of radio? When you sign into a repeater do you get people commenting on … Continue reading

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An open letter to QRZ.COM

We got this letter in our Hamsexy mail sack the other day, with a request to publish it on the site. So, we said…. shit…. why not? What else do we have to put on the site? Since we are, … Continue reading

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The dangers of Amateur Stormchasing

This article was originally published in the OTTAWA CITIZEN in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was written by Megan Thomas of the Canadian Press. George Kouriounis, a prominent Canadian storm chaser, speaks of the dangers of inexeperienced stormchasers. He called them … Continue reading

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The Hamsexy Maibag

Time to once again open the Hamsexy mailbag: Our first letter is from Peter N4LI from Memphis. He writes: OK, I have a sense of humor. I had never heard of Hamsexy until all the bashing on QRZ. ‘Love it. … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net recap

Another successful net!! We’ve got 23 check-ins total: VE3HBD (net control) VE3NSV N3JFW VE3UDP N3ZZO VE3HYP K8TEK VA3IGD W0NKA VA3BU VA3AGF VA7LTD VA3LT VA3SIE VA3SXY VA3WXM KG4RRN N4BSA VA3JBT VA3ROZ VE3UBI VA7FAB VA2XBJ K5MLK We also had 14 people listening … Continue reading

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The moral fight against Hamsexy continues

A friend of the site directed us to this posting on the QRZ forums. It looks like, after being drummed out of the Dayton Hamvention executive for improperly speaking on behalf of the executive by declaring us persona non gratis … Continue reading

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Last night myself and VA3AGF paid a visit to friend of Hamsexy Justin VE3UDP’s 28th floor apartment in midtown Toronto. As there were several Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings about, we were listening to the local CANWARN net and watching … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Tonight….

Be sure to tune into the weekly HAMSEXY IRLP NET, which will take place tonight (and every wednesday) at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific (0100 zulu). All within shouting distance of an IRLP node are welcome to check in and say hi. … Continue reading

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