See you all in Thirty Days!

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7 Responses to See you all in Thirty Days!

  1. va3igd says:

    “bout time!

  2. ku4my says:

    It looks like Feb 24th will be the big day! Pending publication in the federal register, of course. w00T!!!

  3. n3jfw says:


    hamsexy net on the 24th if all goes well?

  4. kg4foy says:

    Dang about friggin time, the FCC moves slower than old people fuck…..

  5. 91004 says:

    So you are saying that you are all coming to FN10 on that date for my 40th birthday? Remember me and send me a present on February 23rd!!! A Astro would be nice, but I would make due with a Orion……..

  6. joe king says:

    Do ya think they will catch up with the rest of the world?

  7. VE9FC says:

    About Time

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