The Infamous “DWI Hunter” Whacker Mobile…

I’ve seen this sexy beast many many times in and around Queens.

Last Friday, after locking my keys in my Jeep (don’t ask) and waiting for a tow truck, I spotted the elusive target in the same lot. He didn’t escape the cameraphone this time!

Notice the custom “RESCUE 7” license plate, clearly a reference to the FDNY Rescue Squads… I don’t even think there’s a Rescue 7… there isn’t, I just checked. There are only 5. I guess this uber whacker thinks he’s an unofficial Rescue Squad of his own.

There are tons of rear facing lights, and no whacker-mobile would be complete without some really terrible vinyl lettering stuck on the bumper… D.W.I. Hunter, indeed!

The inside is, of course, a total shit pile, full of papers and junk. It’s clear the owner of this P.O.S. doesn’t have a significant other, as the passenger seat has a really crappy mobile office thing covering the seat. Either that, or his wife wouldn’t be caught dead in this eyesore.

I didn’t get pics of the inside or the front, as it was a snap and run (the urban wannabe can be a very hostile species, don’t cha know?)… but next time I see him, I’ll be sure to snap a few more.

Click on the thumbnail for a large version.

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4 Responses to The Infamous “DWI Hunter” Whacker Mobile…

  1. VE3HBD says:


    DWI=Driving While an Idiot?

  2. wmw1490 says:

    Don’t be such a chickenpile next time…I’m sure he would help you get your car door open. How often does one get pressed into service to break open a window with a flashlight, or damage your door with a makeshift slim-jim? Most of these whackjobs are too stupid to know you are messing with them and you could probably have him break into someone else’s car–just say, damn, I thought I drove the _________ (fill in the blank) today and it looks just like the one you broke into. Sounds like this whacker could of even filled out the paperwork too.

  3. batdude says:

    i would think that after that big NYC stink a month or so ago that this kinda crap would have gotten curtailed…

    oh sorry, forgot.

    it’s NYC.

  4. RADIO says:

    thats way to funny wait till he tries that with an unmarked cop or off duty cop and see what happens

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