3838khz lsb 10:30pm est tonight – impromptu get together

See you there!


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10 Responses to 3838khz lsb 10:30pm est tonight – impromptu get together

  1. N8FQ says:

    I’m hearing a bunch of OFs on there right now. Either you’re going to have to turn on your 10 kW amp, or we’re going to need to pick another freq…

  2. n3jfw says:


    pick one joe

  3. N8FQ says:

    I’m looking through the band and I can’t find any open spaces. It’s at critical mass.

  4. N8FQ says:

    3838 is open at 10:25

  5. n3jfw says:


    so it seems

  6. N8FQ says:

    Seth’s the only one I can understand. I hear some others in there but they are all buried in the QRN.

  7. n3jfw says:


    I heard Joe and Jim

    We’ll have to try this another night.

  8. w4coj says:

    Let me know when you try it again, I will see if i got enough watts to get up there.

  9. n3jfw says:

    I get home around 10:30 tonight.

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