Shelby Hamfest

The submission is a little tardy (entirely my fault), but Chuck KG4CGC sent us these photos from the Shelby Hamfest in Shelby, North Carolina at the beginning of September. Enjoy!!


The North Carolina Hamsexy Shocktroops

The “Laundry Hamper”

Elvis lives, and apparantly he’s a ham.

The Hamsexy Shocktroops, against the wall

For Sale: One HamChair. Gently used.

Whacker-wares, this table only.

Thanks for the submissions, Chuck!!

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4 Responses to Shelby Hamfest

  1. ku4my says:

    SHIT! How did I miss that sporty hamabout?!?! Just imagine the heel and ankle carnage I could have released upon the crowd if I had acquired that beauty!

  2. VE3HBD says:

    I’m sure it would have run like a greased gator, considering it probably spent it’s life underneath a 600 lb dx-er trolling hamfests and all-you-can-eat buffets.

  3. va3igd says:

    Put the Whacker-wares together with the HamChair and we could make one Hamsexy mobile.

  4. w8juz says:

    Damn, Im so proud of my Hamsexy Shocktroops!! THATS HOTT!!!!

    73, 88,


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