Phil from Toronto sent us these photos with his letter – I must say it wins the 2006 RELFECTORSEXY award hands down.

Just driving down the street in peace, when suddenly I’m blinded by the 400
reflections of the sun from a vehicle passing me.

I guess he just slapped as many reflectors on as possible…

… Funny, I saw this car a few more times in south Scarborough. Then again,
you can’t really miss him.

This truck is a travesty, and a testament to her owner’s mental illness. I’m not sure what would possess someone to apply so many reflectors on their truck (and do it so BADLY too) – the Subaru Outback and Geo Tracker badges are a nice touch too – even Tweety Bird is saying “I thawt I thaw a thitty twuck”.

A disaster through and through. If there isn’t a law, there should be. Thanks Phil!



Not sure what A-Z Driver it supposed to mean in this context, but Bryan VE3HBD tells me that, in Ontario, a Class A license allows one to drive a transport truck – like a CDL (The Z is an airbrake endorsement). So maybe the guy is proud that he is a transport truck driver… or maybe he’s just a trucker wannabe?

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8 Responses to Reflectorama

  1. n0xmz says:

    It’s a Christmas tree in wheels! What a dope!

  2. k2thz says:

    That’s funny, I never knew that all these years I was wrong when I felt very certain that the Outback was made by Subaru, and that the Tracker was made by Chevrolet, and that the only car company to ever badge its performance line “GTP” was Pontiac, and that the only brand to use “Z24” was Chevy…

    Maybe VE3HBD’s CDL theory gains some cred from the presence of the off-kilter dumptruck-style brake lights on either side of the license plate…


  3. k2thz says:

    And furthermore … he’ll get a golf clap from me if he can actually get those tool box lids open more than 4″ with the rollbar running overtop of them!

  4. VE3HBD says:

    Haha… Never even noticed the Z24 badge… nice!!

    I live in Toronto but I’ve never seen this truck… I’ll have to see if I can find it. Maybe he’s the famous WIDE OPEN?

  5. ki4yhf says:

    being from alabama (and not a redneck) this makes me proud to know that rednecks are, in fact, EVERYWHERE

  6. Avis Tow says:

    LOL… I have seen this “Big Rigger” at least once in my travels in the GTA… Umm yea, he has some major issues, kinda scary thought that he could be a Tractor Trailer driver! At least he does not have those silver & black house number / letters (like you see on the bug deflectors of minivans).

  7. T-Squared says:

    I’d love to make a night-time traffic stop with this guy. No need for my red and blues — I’ll just illuminate him with my flashnight. Down here in Maricopa County, AZ, a vehicle like this would be suspected of transporting Mexicans across the desert…..

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