Tulsa Wackers

Courtesy of one of our forum members, there appears to be a pair of hams that are husband and wife in the Tulsa, OK area that drive a green mustang with lights in the deck and stobes as well. what do they do with said car you may ask?? What they drive around Tulsa and help out stranded motorists, and the best part, they post about it in their blog. They apparently also use their mustang for wether spotting and reporting.

Pics of the Mustang

Pics of the Mustang at night.

And this would be the Spotters Log

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9 Responses to Tulsa Wackers

  1. smokeybehr says:

    That’s some serious whackerness! That car is just whackerriffic!

  2. Respond Wayne says:

    Quote… “Since TPD was on scene, we started home…”

    Because they told them to get the hell out of here you freaking Mustang Whack Jobs!?! Pfft, using a Mustang for that type of thing, what the heck are they thinking!?!

    Okay, secretly I want a Mustang, one of the newer “retro” style ones though… Man could I pimp that out! 🙂

  3. FlyingSpaceMonkey says:

    Judging by the fact his car is loaded with flashing lights and radiogear, it looks like his trying as hard as he can to become a cop. What the website doesnt reveal is weather he has a fake uniform and badge to go with it as well. I can already see some 70 year old hogey with a huge gut wearing blue with a fake badge. At least he makes for some good quoting!!!!

    “Whenever I stop to assist, I get all sorts of looks as people drive by. But, if they are busy looking at the car to figure out what it is, they are slowing down, and are alot less likely to hit me. That’s the real test, isn’t it?”

    “This is my new webcam. I’ve got it in the living room for now. It used to be aimed at the pool, but the complex made me take it down.”

  4. K4NNW says:

    I think this deserves a Hamsexy vehicular review….
    For one, I hope this guy realizes that the American APRS calling frequency is 144.39, not .385. Having that gear taped to the dash is not what I’d call safe, especially in a car like a Mustang. In a golf cart, maybe, but not a Mustang. Also, aren’t radar detectors illegal in Oklahoma? As for the antennas, it would look a LOT more professional if they were at least both the same height and vertical, rather than canted outward. As for the lights, that’s just pure idiocy. Driving lamps, I can understand, but the flashing lights are just asking for trouble. This guy wants folks to confuse him with a REAL emergency responder. Also, having his eTrex under his trunk lid doesn’t seem like such a great idea, especially if he wants a decent signal. However, I do like the reflective tape idea to increase visibility when the whacker lights are not turned on.
    As for the log, that’s a whole other ball of wax.

  5. X9F says:

    This guy is a total whacker with severe psychiatric problems. Why does he take pictures of the vehicles he “comes into contact with” on the highway? Why does he zoom in on their plates and post that information too? What a total mentalcase.

    He’ll get shot eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

  6. n0loh says:

    A serious “weather spotter” wouldn’t use such a vehicle. Unless he likes his ‘stang with hail damage.

  7. k0den says:

    nothing says “professional weather spotter” like the nascar scanner double side taped to the dash

  8. kc0jez says:

    I don’t know about OK, but here in Minnesota all those extra lights are quite illegal. And, oddly enough it’s not that odd to have a Mustang as a *real* law enforcement car, at least here. The D.A.R.E. program winds up with many zippy cars that wind up in the States posession in relation to drug busts, and they refurb them into D.A.R.E. promotional vehicles and as cop cars. Our local S.O. has a killer Trans Am, and there’s a similar Mustang the Minneapolis police have that is often displayed at car shows/events around the state. Amazing. In this world of crazy people, anyone who would want to be randomly going o ut of their way to look official is nuts, and asking for serious trouble.

  9. searchdog41 says:

    I just love how he makes himself sound like a cop in his blog also. This guy seems to not have a clue what hes doing maybe he should buy a tow truck. so at least the lights would be at home on it

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