Hamsexy Net tonight….

Just a reminder.. the Hamsexy Net is on tonight. Be sure to drop in at IRLP node 9007 and join us.

For those who aren’t near an IRLP node or don’t have a ham ticket, be sure to listen to the Hamsexy Net live stream (thanks to Terry VE3NSV): http://irlp.net:8000/hamsexy.m3u

Net control will be Bryan VE3HBD. See you tonight at 9pm eastern!!

If you want to check into the net tonight via the net, feel free to visit the Net check-in thread on the Hamsexy Forums. we’ll be sure to get your checkin read out over the air.

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3 Responses to Hamsexy Net tonight….

  1. n0xmz says:

    At what time (incl. timezone) ???

  2. n0xmz says:

    Oh crap. Just saw it above your post. Sorry.

  3. NB2E says:

    I had planned on listening in but only caught the last few minutes. I then went and registered on the forums as NB2E-NY. The username NB2E I registered, but I’ll never receive the validation mail because I typo’d the e-mail address during registration. I guess you can call me the Hamsexy idiot of the day.


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