Hamsexy Net Check-ins

Thanks to everyone who particiapted! Here’s the net check-in list:

VE3HBD in Toronto, Ontario (Net Control)
VE7RXT – Sean in Chilliwack British Columbia
VE3LT – Tom in Niagara Falls, Ontario
VE4UO – Shaun in Winnipeg, Manitoba
KD7LVX – Steven in Las Vegas, Nevada
W0NKA – Shane in Fairbault, Minnesota
N3TOY – Jamie in Las Vegas, Nevada
N0VSJ – Colin in Las Vegas, Nevada
KD7SGM – Tom in Las Vegas, Nevada
K8TEK – Tim in Ottawa, Ohio
VE3NSV – Terry in Kitchener, Ontario
VE1MGA – Mark in Oldham (!!) Nova Scotia
N9FSE – Steve in Millwaukee, Wisconsin
W9ORN – Barb in Hubertis, Wisconsin
VE3ESC – Rob in Toronto, Ontario
VE9ATQ – Lakeville, New Brunswick
VA3TSG – Ted in Whitby, Ontario
K9JAC – Jack in Hubertis, Wisconsin
KC0URM – Nick in Fairbault, Minnesota
N0PQK – John in Fairbault, Minnesota
KB9KHF – Bill in Chicago, Illinois
W1NAU – Timpthy in Boston, Massatwoshits
W0ODS – Jeff in Coggon, Iowa
W0AMY – Amy in Coggon, Iowa
KD6IDN – Paul in Las Vegas, Nevada
KG9GP – Roger in New Berlin, WI
VE3ESC – Rob in Toronto, Ontario
VE3XLS – Mike in Toronto, Ontario
VA3BU – Dave in Brampton, Ontario
VE3ECM – Richard in New York City, New York

And, of course, Slimdog

Sin City was well represented this net – thanks guys! Get back to the tables, and get the hell off the radio.

If you want to see a map showing all of the check-ins that we’ve had on the hamsexy Net since we started, check out the hamsexy net map page. I’m working on making it a little more user friendly….

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4 Responses to Hamsexy Net Check-ins

  1. kc0jar says:

    holy shit, who checked in from Waterloo?

  2. Mr_Happy says:

    Try Coggon. W0ODS/W0AMY. Used to see your truck parked behind our shop frequently. We’re out on 35th St. in Marion. You know, the place with all the ham plates in the parking lot? Look for K0VAR, WB0LBI and KC0ALC. My ham-plate car is my winter beater, so you won’t see it for a while.

    BTW, your new truck is nice…. Needs a SkyPorn sticker, though.


  3. SimDog says:

    Don’t forget Pittsburgh, PA. Bryan 🙂

  4. sheriffe9 says:

    Don’t forget Pittsburgh, PA. Bryan

    What if we don’t know your callsign?

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