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Got some assorted images in the Hamsexy mail sack….

This image comes from Nigel VE3ID from Toronto. All of the backpack radio guys at Dayton got together and had a group photo taken. Look at some of those antennae….. I guess having to go indoors or any low hanging wires would ruin their hamfest.

Check out this van submitted to us by Justin KB3JUV. Check out the red light on the luggage racks, the Skywarn decal on the door, the big letters on the back gate (which probably say “STORM CHASER” or something) and the pointless aenometer on the roof (I don’t understand!! The windspeed is always the same as the speed I’m driving!!)

EDIT: link fixed!! forgot to upload photos to the server.. d’oh!

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  1. zero_land_oddities says:

    These guys are worse than computer show yuppie dads from about 12 years ago (usually bearded, in chinos with an Indiana Jones hat) – the guys who would go to computer shows with their babies strapped to their backs. They’d bend over to look at something on the table and their kid’s toe is in your nose.

    Wonder if they would arc to ground if they went under some high tension wires?

  2. kk5wa says:

    After humping radios in the military for a few years, I no longer see any “glamour” in this activity, though it might be interesting to see one of those antennas hit a power line.

  3. k2thz says:

    Does anyone else not see the 2nd pic? …Anyone? …Bueller?

    I’m getting a 404 when I copy and paste the URL from view->source.

  4. flesh_mechanic says:

    no van wacker pic for me either

  5. K8YS says:

    hey, wait, don’t be dissin’ the back pack guys… especially the guy near the middle in green. WA4VAG is one of the neatest people I have met in ham radio.

    I happen to use a Harris AS1887 antenna, and I have yet to hit a power line. Don’t find may aerial power drop while hiking in the boonies anyway.

    What the hell is the problem with having a little FUN with a hobby anyway?

  6. kk5wa says:


    Not dissin’ anyone. The whole point of this website seems to be to enable us to laugh at ourselves. Part of the hobby FUN.

  7. w1car says:

    lol. There is one guy who comes to our local fests wearing a backpack, hf transciever and 10′ whip (I’m guessing) and runs a 600-700 watt HF amplifier.

    There’s also a guy who runs legal limit from his bicycle.

    I guess the safe RF limits get tossed out the window when you become an HFpacker.

  8. KC9ECI says:

    That’s it…I’m getting a half shirt, scooter, and HF Pack and coming to Dayton next year incognito to see how many times I can get my picture on the front page of Hamsexy.

  9. k7rec says:

    That’s it…I’m getting a half shirt, scooter, and HF Pack and coming to Dayton next year incognito to see how many times I can get my picture on the front page of Hamsexy

    Don’t forget the pissbag.

  10. sheriffe9 says:

    He runs 1500 watts from his bike? What a nutjob.

  11. KC9ECI says:

    Bonus points if I fill it with Pabst and drink from it?

  12. KC8JZO says:

    Yep . . . third one from the left . . . yep!

  13. k2thz says:

    Perhaps Hamsexy should sponsor a “HF pack-tenna jousting tournament” at Dayton 2006?

  14. I really don’t see all of the negative attention focused on the NWS Skywarn Program. While there are a fare share of yahoos and hamsexy spotters out there, the majority of Skywarn Spotters are not Whackers, or Squirrels as we call them down south. I operate an organized Skywarn group in central Virginia. If I get the slightest tinge of a squirrel in the group, they are dismissed. We take no chances. Before you attack us as “ham cops” or “weather whackers”, I will have you know that we do not use ham radio. We are on a county-wide 800MHz trunked radio system, courtesy of Motorola. We are also recognized by the Va Dept of Emergency Management, and all central local governments as well.

    Yes, spotters do have certain equipment on their vehicles, such as anemometers and warning lights. Explanations for such are that severe storms have certain parameters to meet before they are classified as severe, among those being a windspeed of 52Mph or greater. Anemometers are not used while driving, but rather while stationary. This brings me to my next point, warning lights are used so that an errant motorist does not hit you in a severe storm where visibility is poor. This is all done in the name of safety, ours, and eventually, yours.

    Among some of your site’s earlier observations were harsh words and dismissal as “whackers” of such storm chasing legends like Gene Rhoden and Dave Drummond (and their “Hamsexy Skywarn Weather Whacker-Mobiles). These are gentlemen who have spent their own cash over the past 20 years or greater to advance a science, so that you may be a tad bit safer. Like it or not, Skywarn is a necessary “evil”. Doppler Radar is not always right, and the current technology is far from perfect. Skywarn Storm Spotters and their Storm Chaser counterparts are a fixture here for years and years to come.

    I thank you for your time, and welcome to hear responses.

    -Brad Berry

  15. Administrator says:

    Brad –

    We’ve always stated (many times, in fact) that we only make fun of those who go too far, not EVERYONE. It’s clearly been our mandate from day one. We are glad that you and your group appear to be “doing it right”, but I suggest doing a little more research before you publicly accuse us of striking against you.

    Besides – this site is satire… A parody of ourselves…. Nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t get the joke: we are sorry that you are offended, and we wish you good day. That’s it, i’m afraid.

  16. KC8JZO says:

    Yeah, I have to agree . . . there’s no problem poking a little fun at ourselves. As I eluded to in an earlier post, I’m pictured in the latest batch of pics . . . and I deserve to be poked fun at! Yeah, I look goofy . . . and I don’t care. It’s not like I go around like this all of the time (well, maybe sometimes on the weekends). Lighten up, it’s only a hobby!

    BTW . . . Where can I get one of those Skyporn stickers? They rock!

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