Brampton Hamfest – Part Deux

Alright – sorry guys…. Lots of people (Alright, it was only Respond Wayne) have been bugging me to get the parking lot photos up from the Brampton Hamfest…… so here we are! Sorry for the delay, folks….

The fest parking lot was a cornucopia of absurdly tall antennae. Observe:

Just a car with a few antennae

Being a ham means never being able to go into underground
garages, pass under wires, truck exclusion barriers, trees,
runway glideslopes, etc. etc.

At least you can swap out bands whilst stopped at a light….

A man’s spring…

Another truck that will never see a garage of any type….

Is this an antenna or a still?

The skyscratcher….

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6 Responses to Brampton Hamfest – Part Deux

  1. k2jsv says:

    Oh noes!!1!!

    Someone defaced a Lumina with one of those things?! I at least had the dignity of drilling some holes in it for antennas…

  2. uje5ek says:

    I wonder if it would be simpler for them to just MIG weld a rohn-25 tower section to the trunk, that way they can put a rotator on it. That gives me a photoshop idea….

  3. k2jlx says:

    Damn that mag mount on the blue Lumina is sexsay!

  4. wmw1490 says:

    These are great photos. I would give bonus points to the photographer for undercarriage shots of any of those vehicles with earth grounds. You know at least one has metal scraping the road if you looked close enough.

  5. joe king says:

    Looks like a remote control car you play with in the parking lot on Sundays.

  6. Respond Wayne says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that you don’t have any pictures of Adrian’s unit… his car that is… You know, to compare the “good, bad, and down right ugly”… Adrian’s car being the “good” of course! It’s always interesting seeing what people do to their vehicles, I think the “Storm Chasers” I see around Pearson Airport now and then really take the cake… Cheese Cake that is!

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