The Wednesday Hamsexy Net . . .

The Hamsexy Net was held, and hosted by K3BM with the following demented people stopping in to say hi.

N8FQ – Joe
KD4YYF – John
KD8CPP – Tyler
KI4SVM – Patrick
KI4SKN – Tim
VE6PWT – Robert
KC8ZLK – Daniel
KB3AWQ – John
KD8EMM – Ryan

No real topic tonight, so we talked about what projects are going on and it was good to hear a bunch of hammies thinking about the general license. Getting on the air is the only way to start making the OF’s either accept you or move on.

Catch you all next week !

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3 Responses to The Wednesday Hamsexy Net . . .

  1. KD8CPP says:

    I would do it, but I am not a net control, and my echolink is DOA right now.

    How do you become a net controller here?


  2. K3BM says:

    Slip Seth and Bryan both a 50….

    Actually, just talk to Bryan and he should be able to set you up.

  3. KD8CPP says:

    What is Bryan’s call or email? Just PM me his email in the forums.


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