MAARC midnight testing session!

MAARC logoThose of you in or near the west Michigan area might be interested in knowing that the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council is going to hold a midnight VE session at their clubhouse in North Muskegon to celebrate the end of the code requirement. The festivities will begin on the evening of Thursday the 22nd, with the test being held Friday morning at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. We’ll have pizza and snacks, and of course the radios will be running. We’ll try to contact W1AW’s special event and get a few of those “first contact” certificates.

As mentioned before, this will be going on at the MAARC clubhouse on 2888 Scenic Drive in North Muskegon. To get there, take US-31 to Skyline Drive (US-31 Business exit), then get on M-120 and follow it north, where it becomes Whitehall Road just over the bridge by the power plant. Take Whitehall Road north to River Road, then turn west and follow River Road to Scenic Drive. Go north and you will soon find the sign by the road indicating the location of the clubhouse’s driveway. There will, of course, be a talk-in on the 146.94 repeater.

As I write this, I am left wondering why the “west MI bureau chief” Mark K8MHZ didn’t post this by now…

Update! The session was somewhat successful. We had about 3 people show up to upgrade, two of which did so: Shawn KB8UFI got a paper upgrade, and Don KC8SHZ passed the test. Unfortunately, the HF bands proved to be useless, only two contacts were made, neither of which involved the USA’s first two no-code Generals. But we tried.

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2 Responses to MAARC midnight testing session!

  1. k8mhz says:

    Thanks Joe!

    For some reason I didn’t think the story to be sensational enough to get posted.

    Ya gotta admit, the N.E.A.R. story is a hard act to follow.

    I never did find out what a Deptuy Commaner was….

  2. N8FQ says:

    Well, you have a point there. That story was definitely one of the most outrageous things we’ve had on here in awhile.

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