Late Breaking Hamsexy News ~  I would like to report that based on the fact that there was a station that falsely identified themselves as N4NUM on the Anderson (SC) ARC 2m Net last night (Tuesday), that being the same station that questioned the validity of my call and license status. I feel it is important to report that after the net tonight on the 146.790 machine, there was discussion between a few stations as to who one of the stations was convinced was the perpetrator of the falsely identifying station.

This was being discussed as the Hamsexy Net was starting and it was being presented by the initiating station as if it were some top secret communiqué and suggestions such as review of recent postings on this website were intended to lay the ground work for an accusation with regard to who the falsely identifying station was. As a NCS for the Anderson ARC as well as a member of Hamsexy and a NCS for the Hamsexy Net, and based on the fact that said station has said that they observe what is being posted on Hamsexy, with regard to recent OO activities in the Upstate of SC, be advised that your assumptions are WRONG.  The station that you are trying to ‘in-a-round-about-way’ accuse of being the falsely identifying station, as I am pretty good at recognizing the voices of my friends and fellow 146.790 machine users, is not who you think it is. You sir, came very close to ‘on-the-air’ making a public accusation which not only would have been 100% wrong, but, may have got you into some rather hot water.

In closing, I am suggesting to you, as you not only use the local repeater, but also read this global use forum, that not only in future, be very careful what you decide to discuss on the repeater, but also that you do a bit of research with regard to how the OO system works, what the ARRL is as an entity verses the FCC. When you do, you will then understand that an OO card from an ARRL OO is a lot like getting a post card from your next door neighbor who observed you not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and that they are suggesting that you pay attention to the rules of the road because, you are being watched, plain and simple. The quicker licensed amateurs in the US understand that the ARRL is the self proclaimed voice of the American amateurs and is NOT the FCC, who are the guys who hand out the licenses and fines. Just because the ARRL is the loudest voice that we have as amateurs in this country, does not make what they suggest or dictate to it’s membership (or even non-membership) law.

I am suggesting that before someone steps out of line and makes a false accusation, for which they may then be held legally accountable for, lets get back to what we know, and that’s amateur radio and stay away from amateur private eye. I have named no names and have published nobody’s callsign, so consider this for what it is, and that is a globally issued recommendation. Once again, this is a call to get back to hammin and it will hopefully serve to prevent a person that I do NOT personally know, but that I do like and respect, from ending up being slapped with a lawsuit which will no doubt prove financially devastating and embarrassing.

I thought long and hard prior to creating this post, maybe I should have let it slide, but, as I smelled lawsuit hot on the horizon, I felt now is the time for me to react. So remember fellow dumb asses and those who are wanna be Dick Traceys, this is a hobby, do NOT let it control or ruin your life…… Wake up and smell the coffee!


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  1. kg4foy says:

    Well I’ll fess up to being the one accused, but the accusation is a false one and if anyone who reads this thinks otherwise they can contact me directly and we can “discuss” (wink wink) it.

  2. KB9ZDD says:

    That was a little confusing…. Who was going to accuse Who of What???

    Maybe it is better if I do not know.


    “I only know two languages, English and Bad English”
    – Corbin Dallas

  3. KB9ZDD says:

    Not sure why it is red.

    Just more proof that I am a dumbass.


  4. ku4my says:

    HAH!!! Mike you’re a mess!

  5. zerobeat says:

    Sounds like everybody is taking themselves and ham radio just a wee bit too seriously.

    If your doc won’t prescribe anything, try St. John’s Wort.

  6. richard says:

    While I don’t know too much about what’s going on, I do think this post is no better than a million on QRZ for resorting to the whole, “You’d better be careful, or I’m going to sue you”, diatribe.

    It’s pretty stupid.

  7. kg4foy says:

    Ok, maybe since we do things a little different around here and lawyers are a little expensive for us dirt poor backwoods southerners, it should read, “Shut your pie hole or I’ll do it for you, then when I’m done with you I’ll knock up your daughter.”

  8. ku4my says:


  9. richard says:

    Hey, you said it, I didn’t.

  10. ku4my says:

    Hey Richard, plain and simple, I posted an observation to help warn mentally feeble persons from getting in over their heads. I am not the lawsuit kinda guy…. I’m the knock someone’s teeth out with a beer bottle kinda guy….. I like my justice and revenge to be delivered in a most immediate manner, with the element of surprise on my side. As my OO card was for not identifying for 27 minutes, I really couldn’t give a fuck less, savvy?

  11. N2HHR says:

    I stopped reading this message after the 3rd line. yeesh, what a gasbag the author is.

  12. k8mhz says:

    “I stopped reading this message after the 3rd line. yeesh, what a gasbag the author is.”

    You didn’t stick around for the entire 27 minutes?

  13. ku4my says:

    Must have been the pork and beans.

  14. k8mhz says:

    Ya know if you went and got youself a cool call sign like mine you would be so smitten that you would ID every 3 minutes and save yourself all the public disgrace you have come into.

    27 minutes? I don’t think I have ever tied up a repeater that long, let alone not ID’d for that amount of time.

    What on earth were you talking about???

  15. ku4my says:

    Your dandy blue desk.

  16. vk2qq says:

    I’m coming over for a visit soon. I sure hope I can QSL one of those OO stations. We can’t hear them down here and I’d really like a card for the QSL display in my shack!


  17. k8mhz says:

    “Your dandy blue desk.”

    My light blue bat desk? That’s family heirloom!

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