Net Report November 1st, 2006

Okay, even though it is always fun to pick on Joe and although I tried to see if he was lurking in the shadows and shame him or someone else into picking up the net….. it was not Joe’s turn in the barrel…… nor was it mine. Anyway, I held out and didn’t pick it up, but, I was almost ready to go ahead and admit defeat and do it once again, then, lo and behold, we found our newest net control station! w00t! f3r Carl!

Carl’s net report follows and everyone join in and thank Carl for taking the leap from being Hamsexy forum n00B to NCS and member in good standing. Job well done and Carl’s net report follows…….

This week we discussed the post that VE3HBD found on a Yahoo! group about renaming “Amateur Radio Operators” to some type of whack-o-riffic “touch-me” title, and I’m happy to report that everyone agrees, leave the important communications to those who are trained to do it. You don’t need a long, inaccurate title to have the only emergency message you will ever handle be a single communication to some “prostate-complaining” gomer about an accident you saw on the highway twenty minutes ago. With that being said, thanks to all who checked in, including:

KU4MY – Tom
GM0UIN – Jim
KC0WFC – Justin
KE4NOY – Matt
VE6PWT – Rob
KD8CPP – Tyler
K3WHO – Jason
K3BM – Bob
KC2LLT – Carl

Thanks again to everyone as it was my first time joining the net, and I was the only one dumb enough to open my mouth when the net was 14 minutes late to start, and got stuck with Net Control (I learned fast!). Hope to see you all (and everyone else) on next week’s net, but I won’t be the first one to talk, that’s for sure!

73 de KC2LLT


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