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NEWS BULLITEN   Late Breaking Hamsexy News ~  I would like to report that based on the fact that there was a station that falsely identified themselves as N4NUM on the Anderson (SC) ARC 2m Net last night (Tuesday), that … Continue reading

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Net Report November 1st, 2006

Okay, even though it is always fun to pick on Joe and although I tried to see if he was lurking in the shadows and shame him or someone else into picking up the net….. it was not Joe’s turn … Continue reading

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You Say Toe-May-Toe, I Say Tuh-Mah-Toe…..

 Straight from the files of !?!?WTF?!?! In this special southern Hamsexy Strike Team report, we will de discussing proper radio diction while traveling through South Carolina. Most of us aren’t severely challenged enough to the point where we don’t realize … Continue reading

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HAMSEXY Net Report October 4th, 2006

I picked up the net tonight and had nothing prepared, as it was not supposed to be my turn in the barrel. The turn out was light tonight, but we had a good little discussion about Skywarn and how effective … Continue reading

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HAMSEXY NET TONIGHT! Sept. 6th, 2006

Okie Dokie then, we had a rather large time discussing the health, or lack there of, of Hamfests around the globe, well, in the US, CA and NSW anyway. Sorry to those of you who departed quickly and missed my … Continue reading

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CQ Field Day de Anderson, SC

The Dreadnaught In All Of Her Glory The Wonder Wagon The Anderson (SC) ARC Troops, Mike the Hamstick guy was near nude by 11:00am, alleged to be completely nude by noon. Well that’s about it from the bonnie, bonnie banks of … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Report June, 14th, 2006

What a fine grope….. errrr GROUP of Hamsexuals we had the pleasure of spending time with this evening, so for those of you who were under the false impression that something else, somewhere else was more important than the Hamsexy … Continue reading

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Thanks a bunch Joe!

Super Net, brother and here’s Joe’s Net Report Blackjack! VE6GCS George Strathmore, AB NH7QH Chris Aiea, HI VE6PWT Bob Calgary, AB KG4BMK Stephen Iva, SC KB0KBJ Greer, SC KB8QKV Eddie Greenville, SC K3BM Bob Laporte, PA KU4MY Tom Anderson, SC … Continue reading

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