November 1 Hamsexy Net

Hamsexy NetThere’s a vanity call for you…

The Hamsexy Net will be held once again this evening at 9 PM eastern, 6 PM pacific, and 0200 tomorrow morning UTC, on the Vancouver reflector. IRLP node 9008 and Echolink conference *VAN-IRLP*. You can also listen to the madness on the WARP Radio Network.

As of yet, we have not chosen a theme, or a net control operator for that matter. So join us tonight and be suprised by both.

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3 Responses to November 1 Hamsexy Net

  1. ku4my says:

    KD8ATU if you are net control, you are already 5 minutes late ass hole!!!

  2. ku4my says:

    Maybe that damned KU4MY was supposed to be net control…..hmmmmm?!?!

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