Transexy America

As a somewhat follow-up to K2JSV’s story on the Transexual Ham radio scammer (The Black Widow) below, Joe K├śNEB stumbled across this photo of K7VO in his Dayton photo archive.



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9 Responses to Transexy America

  1. K8TEK says:

    I thought I have seen it all.


  2. alex says:

    Wow… That obviously came out of the oven a bit too early….

    There’s been some pretty disturbing things posted on this page, I think if it came to a vote…. she [it] would win.

  3. ad4xe says:

    DUDE!! I come to the main page to see what’s going on
    and WHAM! That’s like being sucker punched, not what I wanted to greet me on the main page, very cruel!

  4. Marshall Tucker says:

    What a peach…

  5. k8mhz says:

    If you look up the word HamSexy in the dictionary this is what you should see.

  6. rabidjade says:

    I’d hit it……with a bat or another blunt object. I would try the ugly stick but someone beat me to it.

  7. zerobeat says:

    Reminiscent of W4CLM, Yaesu’s Booth Babe who was showing off the older gear.

  8. va3igd says:

    Does this person qualify as Hamsexual?

  9. zero_land_oddities says:

    I did not know David Lee Roth was a ham!!!

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